Tuesday, November 15, 2016

November 8, 2016 Election Results for Virginia Congressional Representatives in Washington D.C.

Back on July 13, 2016 I posted about the candidates who were retiring, running or re-running for one of Virginia’s 11 seats in U.S. Congress. 

Two VA Representatives are retiring at then end of 2016 and one Representative lost the June 2016 Primary so that meant Virginia would have a least 3 brand new Congress members for 2017.   

1.       In the 4th District of Virginia where J. Randy Forbes-R lost the nomination during the June 14, 2016 Primary, current Virginia Senator A. Donald McEachin-D won. This means McEachin’s Virginia Senate 9th District seat is now vacant and a Special Election will need to be held in early 2017 to fill it.
2.      In the 5th District of Virginia where Robert Hurt-R is retiring, current Virginia Senator Tom Garrett-R won. This means Garrett’s Virginia Senate 22nd District seat is now vacant and a Special Election will need to be held in early 2017 to fill it
3.      In the 2nd District of Virginia where Scott Rigell-R is retiring, current Virginia Delegate Scott Taylor-R won. This means Taylor’s Virginia House 85th District seat is now vacant and a Special Election will need to be held in early 2017 to fill it.
4.      In the 1st District of Virginia Robert Wittman-R won re-election        
5.      In the 3rd District of Virginia Bobby Scott-D won re-election
6.      In the 6th District of Virginia Bob Goodlatte-R won re-election
7.       In the 7th District of Virginia Dave Brat -R won re-election
8.      In the 8th District of Virginia Donald Beyer -D won re-election
9.      In the 9th District of Virginia Morgan Griffith-R won re-election
10.   In the 10th District of Virginia Barbara Comstock-R won re-election
11.    In the 11th District of Virginia Gerry Connolly-D won re-election 

Of the now 3 vacant State Seats mentioned above only one candidate has come forward to run as of this morning. Current Virginia Delegate Jennifer McClellan will run for McEachin's State Senate seat http://www.richmond.com/news/virginia/article_9b6b7f25-ee9b-5dac-b0c2-6907d4cb8692.html . If McClellan wins the Senate seat in the first Special Election of 2017, then her Virginia House 71st District seat will become vacant and a second Special Election would be held in early-2017 to fill it. 

If you live in one of the 3 Districts that have a new US Representative, be sure to reach out to them via email or phone and introduce yourself as their constituent. When their new US Congressional websites go live in January 2017, sign up for their email newsletters. 

AND……………….If you live in one of the 3 State District’s that now has a vacant seat keep a close eye on the upcoming Special Election and when it’s held, go VOTE! 

Mary Devoy