Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December 2016 U.S. Sex Offender Map from National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) is Now Online. They Say There are 859,500 Registered Sex Offenders in the 50 States and 5 U.S. Territories.

Note- I can email my full spreadsheet (May 2005 to December 2016) to anyone who is interested, it’s just too wide to post on this blog as an image and attachments can not be loaded onto a blog.

Every May/June and December I begin checking the NCMEC website for their latest "Sex Offender" count because the number they claim is the go-to for media, Politicians, Researchers and Victim’s Groups.  

Today I found their latest map for December 6, 2016: http://www.missingkids.org/en_US/documents/Sex_Offenders_Map.pdf 

So I updated my Excel spreadsheet (see below) that tracks the counts from every NCMEC since May 2005 including the rate of growth. Then I updated my per capita chart. 

There will always be an ebb-and-flow to the U.S. RSO population growth, those who move to another state, those who die, new crimes being implemented in States, Court rulings that add or remove people, Court petitions for removal being granted, etc.   

Here are a few of the December 2016 issues that I see in NCMEC’s Map: 

  • In June 2016 NCMEC claimed South Carolina had 15,131 RSO’s. Its 6 months later and now they say South Carolina has 9,977. Where did 5,154 RSO’s go in just 6 months?
  • In contrast we have Illinois and West Virginia. In June 2016 NCMEC claimed Illinois had 21,913 and for December 2016 their count is 23,921. That’s 2,008 new people in 6 months! As for West Virginia, in June 2016 they had 4,604 and in December 2016 it jumped to 5,485, that’s 881 new people at a 20% rate of growth in 6 months!
  • Florida has 8% of the entire U.S. RSO population but yet NCMEC’s growth rate for Florida for the last 6 months has barely moved. In June 2016 it was 68,845 and now for December 2016 it’s supposedly 68,899.
  • And Massachusetts hasn’t added even one new RSO in 2 years according to NCMEC. December 2014, June 2015, December 2015, June 2016 and December 2016 they claim it’s remained at 11,399.

NCMEC claims only 7,630 new RSO’s in the last 6 months for the entire country.  

That works out to be 20 new people added per day but we know from the annual Virginia State Police SO Report that Virginia adds an average of 2.85 people per day………. so NCMEC’s math yet again is in question. By the way the VSP SO Report is due out any day with a deadline of January 1st, so we will soon know what the real number in VA is. 

I’ll post the revised 50 State per capita spreadsheet later today for those who are interested. 

Mary Devoy