Thursday, December 1, 2016

January 10, 2017: 3 Virginia Seats to be Decided in Special Election

The day before the 2017 Virginia General Assembly session begins in Richmond there will be 3 Special Elections in Virginia on January 10th to fill 3 State seats that will be vacant because State Representatives were elected in November to go to U.S. Congress. 

The candidates have not all been announced for these 3 elections but one who has come forward is Virginia Delegate Jennifer McClellan. If she does win the Senate seat on January 10th, then her current House seat in the 71st District would be immediately vacated and the Governor would need to schedule a second Special Election to fill it, but it would not be in time for the 2017 GA session. 

McAuliffe sets Jan. 10 special election for McEachin, Garrett, Taylor seats, November 30, 2016

Sheriff's deputy and Virginia Beach teacher running in Jan. 10 special election for state House seat, November 29, 2016

McClellan's path to state Senate clears, McEachin submits resignation on way to Congress, November 22, 2016

Special Elections in: 

  • City of Virginia Beach (part)
  • Charles City County
  • Henrico County (Part)
  • Richmond City (Part)
  • Hanover County (Part)
  • Amherst County
  • Appomattox County
  • Buckingham County
  • Cumberland County
  • Fluvanna County
  • Goochland County
  • Prince Edward County
  • Louisa County (Part)
  • Lynchburg City (Part)

If you live in one of these 3 Districts and you have your voting rights you need to participate in the election of your District’s Representative! 

Once the candidates are announced here, learn about them, contact them, introduce yourself and ask them what they think about the current Virginia Sex Offender Registry. 

Have your family and friends who live in these 3 Districts’ of Virginia do the same. 

The majority of Sex Offender restrictions, regulations and mandates are State laws, NOT Federal ones. The members of the Virginia House and Senate are the ones who directly affect your ability to reenter society successfully or not, the ability to participate in your family’s lives or not and who determine the control and monitoring  of your movements, your rights and your VSP registration requirements. 

So, get out and vote on January 10, 2017! 

Mary Devoy