Monday, January 11, 2016

Virginia Governor McAuliffe’s Commission on Parole Review Recommendations, Meeting Minutes and Presentations are Online to Access

As readers know I attended a few of the Virginia Parole Review Commission meetings in 2015 and sometimes I posted about it.
I also wrote an editorial in the Virginian Pilot about the 20 year review of the revocation of Parole (Truth-in-Sentencing) and why the Commonwealth needs to do the same and review the last 20 years of the Virginia Sex Offender Registry and all the restrictions and regulations that have been added. Connecticut is doing a 2.5 year study of their Sex Offender Registry, why not Virginia. 

Governor McAuliffe’s Parole Review Commission has concluded and their recommendations are now available online here, the subject of “Sex Offenders” seememd to be mentioned at every one of their meetings.