Friday, January 22, 2016

Action Item: 3 Bills Against Virginia Registered Sex Offenders to Revoke Existing License Plates and to Prohibit Ever Owning the Virginia Vanity License Plates to Support the Virginia Family and Children’s Fund


Look at all the co-patrons that have already signed onto this proposal and it hasn’t even been heard in Sub-Committee yet! -Mary 

Onto HB305-Simon:

Original Post:

By the end of next-Monday all Bills for the 2016 Virginia General Assembly session should be posted online as today is the deadline for Legislators to submit their Bills. 

You may remember I first posted about this type of Legislation back on December 30, 2015. 

As of today we have:
A set of Companion Bills to ban just the Kid's First Style License Plate
1. In the House of Delegates Delegate Marcus Simon with HB305
2. In the Senate Senator Dick Black with SB666 

A House Bill to ban ALL 4 Styles of Virginia Family and Children Fund Plates
3. Delegate Tag Greason with HB1190

  1. HB305 has been referred to the House Transportation Committee but will first go to Sub-Committee #2 which meets on Mondays at 4PM.
  2. As of the writing of this post HB1190 has been referred to the House Transportation Committee but not to a Sub-Committee.
  3. SB666 has been referred to the Senate Transportation Committee which meets on Wednesdays ½ hour after adjournment.
I spoke to one patron on the phone 2 weeks ago about his Bill and he confirmed that Rob Buswell (of last years “Robby’s Rule”) asked for this Bill because his abuser currently has this license plate. 

I understand Rob Buswell's anger but these Bills have nothing to do with public safety. As with Robby's Rule, Mr. Buswell is using Virginia Legislators as his personal foot-soldiers against his abuser in his continuing unhealthy obsession to destroy, manage and control him.  

Virginia Legislators should never propose laws that are based on a personal vendetta and that's exactly what these 3 Bills are.  

I’d actually go as far to say it seems like Mr. Buswell is stalking his abuser to use whatever he can as a reason to propose a new law against him. Mr. Buswell obviously has not healed; forgiven or been able to move on with a happy or productive life since his abuser was convicted, was added to the regular VSP Registry and then added to the Supplemental VSP Registry. Nothing it seems will ever be enough of a punishment or restriction for the man who abused Mr. Buswell and so I have to fight against vengeful legislation directed at one individual but would be applied to tens of thousands. Some may say this makes me anti-victim or even pro-offender but in reality I’m trying to make sure Virginia laws are based on facts, statistics and proven process as opposed to the current cycle of eternal government-sponsored punishment based on hate and vengeance being applied decades after a court has handed down a sentence.  

I am NOT Anti-Victim and I am NOT Pro-Offender and every Virginia Legislator knows that and anyone who makes such a claim is making a false statement.

So as an advocate who arms themselves with facts, I filed a FOIA with the Virginia DMV a while ago and now I know exactly how many of these license plates are in circulation, how many are owned by RSO’s and of those how many are co-owned (by a spouse, a parent or a teenage child) and I will use this data in my opposition statement against  all three of these Bills when they are heard by their respective Sub-Committee or Committee. 

50 States Per Capita Registered Sex Offender (RSO) Population as of December 2015

Yesterday during one of our scheduled sit-down meetings with Virginia Delegate's one of them asked us for the “per capita” state count when we shared the Last 8 Years of Growth of VSP Registry Handout. 

So when we returned home we worked up the per-capita numbers for all 50 States (and US Territories) to send the Delegate. 

Virginia worked out to be pretty much exactly where we expected (in the middle) but we were surprised to see the #1 spot being Oregon and that California falls below Virginia. 

After looking at it for the last 16 hours I’ve decided to post it (see below) so those readers from other States that I’ve heard from in the past can see where their State lands in the line-up.