Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Virginia Senator Dick Black’s SB666 has Been Removed from the Uncontested Calendar and Will Have it’s Third Reading on the Floor of the Virginia Senate TODAY!


I’m sorry to report that SB666 passed the Virginia Senate 40-0 on February 2nd. Anyone who watched the discussion on the floor knows that the patron used fear-mongering in his sales pitch and two Senators that did ask questions, were either given false responses (I sent an email to that Senator immediately telling him the truth) or they didn’t ask the right questions because they didn’t want to perceived as being soft on “Sexual Predators trolling for new victims 

At the moment I don’t plan on opposing this Bill when it makes it to the House OR either House versions in the House, in-person. The House will pass all of these, the Virginia Senate was the only chance to stop this proposal. 

If it looks like Governor McAuliffe plans on signing any of these into law (and I’m sure he will)  I will be buying a Kid’s First plate for my own vehicle which has an RSO co-owner and when the VA-DMV tells me I must surrender my license plate because of a co-owners conviction I will challenge this new law in court.
I've had enough of punitive measures against RSO’s trickling down to their loved ones under the guise ‘to protect the children” by throwing all liberties for everyone, out the window! 

Mary Devoy

Original Post:

On January 28th I posted asking all of you to contact all 40 Virginia Senators to ask them to remove SB666 from the Uncontested Block Vote so it that it then could be discussed on the floor of the Senate to be voted down. 

Well, step one is a success! While waiting in House Room C yesterday I was checking Bills on LIS and I saw that SB666 was in the Regular Block for it’s Second Reading yesterday NOT in the Uncontested Block. 

Today SB666’s Third Reading happens and if any Senator wants to speak in favor or opposition about it this is their opportunity and this is the day either SB666 is voted down OR it moves onto the House. 

If you have not yet contacted our Virginia Senators telling them why they should vote against SB666 today please click on the January 28 link above and do so this morning. 

You can watch the Senate floor live at 12-noon here http://virginia-senate.granicus.com/ViewPublisher.php?view_id=3 to see which Senators speak in favor and which Senators (if any) speak against SB666. 

There is no way to watch the VA Senate floor later, it’s live or nothing thanks to Virginia’s lack of transparency. 

Mary Devoy

Federal Bill HR515 (AKA- International Megan’s Law) Passed the US Congress on February 1, 2016 and now Heads to the President to be Signed Into Law

Readers should remember the December 18, 2015 Action Item I posted to contact every Virginia Congress member with a list of their assistants email addresses and office phone numbers and suggestions on what to say in regards to the US Senate amendment that was added to HR515. 

Well, yesterday on February 1, 2016 the US Congress accepted the Corker amendment and passed the bill (see articles below) by voice vote, it now heads to the President to be signed into law and it will be. 

The most viewed page of this blog is the Traveling as a Registered Sex Offender page with more than 13,575 views as of today. Why because RSO’s who are traveling for school, work, family and fun are always concerned that they will arrive at their destination and be turned away without any notice. Not only humiliating, but a complete waste of thousands of dollars not to mention missing what ever appointments or functions that were planned including family or friends who are ill or have died.

The United States doesn’t want its RSO’s in their communities and yet they don’t want RSO’s to travel abroad either. Unwanted, controlled, restricted, suppressed, denied and now trapped.

Now the only option against HR515 is a court challenge and an advocate is already working on that. 

He sent out an alert a few days ago looking for plaintiffs I have just been too busy with the Virginia General Assembly to post it until now, here it is.