Thursday, February 4, 2016

Action Item: Virginia House Court of Justice Criminal-Sub Committee Members Planning a “Frankenstein” Bill that the Public Would Know Nothing About Until it’s Already Been Approved By Criminal-Sub

02/05/16 Update: 

I have been forwarded an email that someone received from House Legislative Services today regarding HB628. 

It says:
Del. Bell misspoke.  HB 628 is not being combined with any other bill.  It will be back on the docket some time next week.

So HB628 is coming back to life after being “tabled” Wednesday night by Delegate Rob Bell.
Since it was “tabled” most Virginians would stop tracking it believing it was done for 2016. 

It seems the “games” continue with House Courts of Justice Criminal-Sub Committee. 

It could be on Next Monday or next Wednesday’s docket which ever one it’s on I’ll be there ready to oppose it, again! 

Thank you all for sending those email’s to the Speaker of the House and for those of you who contacted Legislative Services on your own about this Bill, thank you! At least it’s not being “slipped” into a different bill that wouldn’t have been public information until after it made its way through Sub-Committee.  


Original Post:

It appears the Virginia House Courts of Justice Criminal-Sub’s shenanigans continue in 2016. 

On Monday I waited for HB628 to be heard in Criminal Sub-Committee from 11:30AM to 6:20PM. 

I always sit in the front row they all knew which bill I was there to oppose but at 6:20PM with 3 Bills left on the docket (including HB628) Delegate Bell asked the Committee members do we finish these or call it a night and they all said call it a night and the meeting ended. 

So I returned yesterday and waited for HB628 to be heard in Criminal Sub-Committee which finally began at 4:55PM after Courts Full Committee finished again sitting in the front row the whole time so all the members know I’m there for this one Bill. We get to the last 2 Bills on yesterdays docket (the last 3 were Delegate Bell’s) at about 8PM 

and Delegate Bell said:
We're in the home stretch
Mr. Chair (Delegate Cline), my House Bill 628, I need to sorta…its ummmm… I’m gonna table it but everyone needs to under stand why…-he takes a long sigh- so Delegate Albo is going to remove a Bill (HB177) from the ice-box… which is… what’s your Registry Bill Dave? What number? -Delegate Albo doesn’t know
Mr. Chairman, the Uber-Chair has decided all the Sex Registry Bills will be considered under his Bill, is that fair Delegate Albo?
So, for ice-box issues.
There’s one from Delegate Peace (HB672), this one from me… the issues here in will be decide to be in that Bill or not, is that fair? 

Delegate Albo then speaks:
The reason is if we send 4 Registry Bills up to Appropriations and they charged us $200,000, if we send one they charge us $50,000… so putting them all in one, a four for one deal.