Monday, February 8, 2016

HB305 and HB1190 are Directed Towards Our Registered Sex Offenders, But They Actually Sweep Up Their Loved-Ones AND THAT….. is Unconstitutional


HB305-Simon was rolled into HB1190-Greason during yesterdays Sub-Committee hearing. Then HB1190 was amended to be identical to SB666-Black. 

Delegate Simon mentioned his classmate Rob Buswell and his advocacy for last Years Robby’s Rule to the Sub-Committee members and as with SB666 claimed Mr. Buswell’s abuser had the license plate to use a a “grooming tool” 

Delegate Greason reminded the Committee members of all his past work on children’s issues. 

It passed unanimously our of the Sub-Committee and I did not bother speaking against it. 

I’ve decided I’m done opposing it. Let Governor McAuliffe sign it into law. 

I will just wait until the VA-DMV advises me I can not renew my license plate registration for Kid's First in 2017 because a co-owner of my vehicle is an RSO and then I’ll challenge this law in court. 

Mary Devoy

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I just emailed the below message to every House Transportation Committee member.

If anyone would like to send a message please do, their email addresses are posted here: 



Dear House Transportation Committee Members, 

Good morning. 

I have been monitoring the Transportation Subcommittee #2 Agendas for 4 weeks now. 

Late last night I checked today’s agenda, knowing it would be the last meeting before Cross-Over Day and the two Bills I was looking for were not listed. Then this morning around 8AM I received an email notification that additional Bills had been added to today’s agenda. 

  • HB 305 – Simon License plates, special; prohibits DMV from issuing certain plates to registered sex offenders
  • HB 1190 –Greason License plates, special; issuance of certain to sex offenders

I was planning on being in House Courts of Justice Criminal Sub-Committee this afternoon and with this extremely short notice of your Sub-Committee hearing I have no option but to email you my opposition to these two Bills. 

Where did HB05 and HB1190 come from? 

Rob Buswell (of last years “Robby’s Rule”) asked for this proposal because his abuser currently has the Virginia Family and Children's Trust Fund- Kid's First license plate. 

We can understand Rob Buswell's anger but this Bill have nothing to do with public safety. As with Robby's Rule, Mr. Buswell is using Virginia Legislators as his personal foot-soldiers against his abuser in his continuing unhealthy obsession to destroy, manage and control him.  

Virginia Legislators should never propose laws that are based on a personal vendetta and that's exactly what these Bills are.  

The Long Arm of Sex Offender Laws: America’s Broken Sex Offender Policy Goes Global, By Christopher Moraff - “State sex offender registries have become so broad in their application that they’re practically useless”


Judge tosses out challenge to sex offender passport law, April 13, 2016

Original Post:

The long arm of sex offender laws, February 8, 2016
America’s broken sex offender policy goes global
by Christopher Moraff

Ex-offenders convicted of sex crimes in the United States are accustomed to facing numerous and often-burdensome restrictions. There are laws governing where they are allowed to live, what kind of job they can hold and, in some cases, if they are even allowed to own a computer, long after they have ostensibly paid their debt to society.

Now, a bill that passed Congress last week and is now awaiting a signature from President Barack Obama risks gambling away the civil rights of thousands of law-abiding Americans each year by subjecting them to heightened scrutiny not just at home but abroad. The legislation (H.R. 515) was sponsored by Rep. Christopher Smith (R-N.J.) and bears the laborious title: “The International Megan’s Law to Prevent Child Exploitation and Other Sexual Crimes Through Advanced Notification of Traveling Sex Offenders.” 

The bill’s supporters say it is designed to prevent the practice of “sex tourism.” In practice, it amends federal law to require registered sex offenders to provide information about any intended travel outside the United States — including travel dates and itinerary — and provides for that information to be shared with the governments of any countries they plan to visit. Failure to comply with the notification requirement would be punishable by fines and up to 10 years in prison.  

Most incredibly, an amendment added to the bill in December by Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) requires that qualifying ex-offenders have a “visual designation affixed to a conspicuous location” on their passports. Any travel documents that were issued prior to the law’s passage would be subject to revocation by the Department of State.