Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Virginia Bill HB1101 Patroned by Delegate Ron Villanueva: First Gives Homeowner Associations a Special Carve Out in Virginia Code for RSO Notifications, But it’s End Goal is Actually to Push RSO’s Out of High-End Neighborhoods In Virginia

Automatic notification of registration of sex offenders; common interest communities.
Provides that the association for a common interest community (Condominium/ Homeowners Association) may request and receive from the State Police notice of the registration or reregistration of sex offenders whose registered address is in the same or a contiguous zip code as that of the common interest community.

This proposal would liken residents who reside in condominiums and neighborhoods with Housing Associations to that of daycares, schools and assisted living facilities within the Code of Virginia claiming they should be privileged to receive RSO-notifications directly from the Virginia State Police-VSP.   

Today EVERY citizen and non-Virginian regardless of their income level has access to the same Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry information. Anyone can sign up for Sex Offender email notifications from the State Police by selecting a desired zip code or codes for free.  

Per a January 26, 2016 FOIA with the VSP I learned that 6,261 “entities” receive electronic notifications and their notifications are the exact same as for individual citizens who sign up online.

Condominiums and Homeowners Associations are basically neighborhoods and they exist within a specific footprint; the State Polices Registry search does not differentiate nor are they aware of neighborhoods specific boundaries, searches are based on zip codes. 

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