Friday, February 19, 2016

Action Item to Save SB11-Patroned by Senator Janet Howell: It will be Heard by the Virginia House Courts of Justice Criminal Sub-Committee Next Monday February 22, 2016 in the Afternoon


SB11  was “killed” by laying it on the table in today’s House Courts of Justice Criminal Sub-Committee. 

Delegate Morris made the first motion and then most (if not all) of the Republican members seconded his motion. 

I’m sorry everyone. This was my third attempt in 6 years to get the Employer/Company Name AND the address removed from public view. 

I may not look for a patron in 2017 but I WILL try again, I will not give up on this goal I know how very important it is.


Original Post:

Virginia Bill SB11  is scheduled to be heard next Monday afternoon in House Courts of Justice Criminal-Sub Committee.

Action Item to Stop HB628-Delegate Rob Bell: It will be Heard by the Virginia Senate Courts of Justice Committee on Monday February 22, 2016 at 8AM

The upcoming Monday morning hearing will be the last time for the public to speak against HB628.   

What does HB628-Delegate Rob Bell do?

Don’t Forget to Ban the Registered Sex Offenders: In 2015 Virginia Legalized and Regulated Uber and Lyft and in 2016 Virginia Legislators Are Laying the Groundwork for Airbnb


After failing on Senate floor, Tommy Norment inserts Airbnb opposition into state budget, February 25, 2016

Original Post:

Yesterday I was catching up with someone on the phone and they said, “Were you in the room when the discussion of Airbnb was going on, they want to ban Sex Offenders you know”. I responded “I know, but no I’m not opposing the Bills… I have to pick my battles and that’s a losing one……… know last year they banned RSO’s from being Uber drivers and I didn’t oppose that because it would have been futile as the national model was to ban them”. 

The person I was on the phone with had no idea that had been part of the Uber law last year (see below). 

So this year Virginia has SB416/SB751 and HB812/HB1268 that are rolling through the 2016 session and the discussion of Sexual Offenders has occurred but so far I can’t find any ban on an RSO renting out a location OR renting a location through Airbnb, that doesn’t mean it won’t get added or the local authorities won’t ban them after the 2016 GA session has adjourned.