Friday, February 26, 2016

Legislative Predator Hysteria Continues in Virginia: It Will Cost the Virginia DMV $41,391.00 to Implement SB666-Black & HB1190-Greason/Simon to Revoke 13 License Plates, 7 of Which are Co-Owned

As readers know I posted a few days ago about my plan to challenge Virginia Bills SB666-Black and HB1190- Greason/Simon  to Prohibit the DMV from issuing to registered sex offenders special license plates relating to children or children's programs or with revenues paid to funds for the benefit of children or renewing the registration for a vehicle that has been issued such license plates. The bill also provides that DMV shall not issue or renew personalized license plates to registered sex offenders if the requested personalization relates to or references children if Governor McAuliffe signs them into law. For those of you who have made a one time pledge, a quarterly pledge and a monthly pledge to help me with the expected legal fees for this challenge, thank you very much. Every pledge is greatly appreciated.
At this very moment SB666 is waiting for the Governors signature with a deadline of midnight on Tuesday March 1, 2016 and HB1190 is just about to make its final passage through the second chamber, probably by next Tuesday. 

I expect our Governor to sign both of these Bills into law. Why? Both the Senate and House Committee discussions and floor (chamber) comments on these two bills referenced Rob Buswell’s (Robby’s Rule 2015) abuser (a VSP RSO) owning a Kid’s First license plate and each patron openly suggested Mr. Buswell’s abuser was using it as a grooming tool to “troll” for additional victims. There has been NO evidence to support this claim but facts are inconsequential when it comes to harsher and broader Sex Offender Laws.

I had a pending third FOIA with the Virginia DMV because I wanted all the information based on the final amendments to know exactly how many RSO’s and how many co-owners will be affected by these two myth-based Bills. 

Of course my Kid’s First plate adds 1 more to the total and to the co-owner count. 

Here is all the data: