Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Virginia Governor Has Signed SB666 into Law, So I Am Now Taking Donations to Challenge This “Dumb” and Unconstitutional Law in Court

Per LIS 10:30AM March 2, 2016:
·         03/01/16  Governor: Approved by Governor-Chapter 143 (effective 7/1/16) 

SB666 was approved by Governor Terry McAuliffe yesterday and it becomes law on July 1st. 

Not only are the rights of those on the Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry being threatened, but now their family members have been swept up in the hate and the madness. To fight this may seem insignificant, but it is the first step in protecting our basic rights as citizens of Virginia and the United States. I do not take this new mandate lightly and I will NOT take it lying down.  

This morning I have spoken to two highly regarded Virginia Attorneys and they have both said this law MUST be challenged because it is unconstitutional.

·        I posted yesterday that I now have a Virginia Family and Children’s Trust Fund Kid’s First license plate on my 2001 Jeep.
·        I posted on February 26th that it will cost Virginia $41,391.00 (per my FOIA’s) to revoke 13 License Plates that are owned by an RSO in which 7 of those are co-owned by a non-RSO family member. My new plate makes the total 14 and 8.
·        I posted on February 23rd why it’s important that SB666 and HB1190 are challenged in court and that I will be accepting donations for the court costs. Also why I won’t start a GoFundMe page.
·        And I posted on February 12th that when I stood in opposition of SB666 in the Senate Transportation Committee hearing the only argument/statement against what I pointed out as unconstitutional was by a freshman female Senator who told the entire room that because I was unable to have children my opinion is worthless when it comes to protecting children, in her desperate attempt to shame and silence me. You can't shame me!

One of the attorneys I spoke with this morning said such a court challenge will be VERY expensive with many twists and turns, they also said "its a dumb law", I agreed. But it also must be stopped.

As I said in the February 23rd post I’m willing to be the name, the face and the voice against these two hateful Bills and I’m also willing to invest thousands of dollars but I do need your help. 

I have opened a checking account specifically for this legal fund and I have also opened a PayPal account to accept donations. Some readers/supporters have asked if they can send me checks instead and I have agreed to send my mailing address to those who want to mail off a check. 

As of today, I am accepting donations to oppose SB666 and HB 1190 from becoming law on July 1st in Virginia.
  1. You can send a donation through PaylPal at this link:    to my email address remember my PayPal fee is 2.9% + $0.30 per every donation sent.
Because I am NOT a non-profit and I am NOT a business I can NOT add a PayPal button to this website and I can NOT offer automatic monthly donations, I’m sorry I wish I could. 

  1. You can send a check or money order donation, please email me and I will then send you my mailing address, I’ve decided not to post it on the site and it’s not worth the money or time to rent a PO Box.