Monday, March 14, 2016

Please Contribute to Court Challenge Against Virginia SB666 and HB1190 From Becoming Law

Back on March 2nd I announced that I would be taking contributions to help cover the high costs of a court challenge to stop SB666/HB1190 from becoming law in Virginia. 

In that post (see link above) you can read all about this new law, the history of it passing through the 2016 Virginia Legislature, why this challenge is needed, what a win could mean for future challenges and how you can help. 

Since then I have contacted approximately 2 Civil Rights groups, 8 Private Attorneys, a few Constitutional Law Professors, a former Federal Judiciary Committee Advisor and a Fellow/Adjunct Scholar/Writer about representation for my challenge.  

I believe I have now found my attorney/law firm and I will be meeting with them in the next 2 weeks. 

Now comes the difficult part, asking you for a contribution.