Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dear Virginia Senator Amanda Chase………

Emailed to Senator Chase and then the RTD today

Dear Virginia Senator Amanda Chase, 

Good afternoon. 

This morning I read the RTD article For freshman state Sen. Amanda Chase, first session was quite the education and I mulled it over most of the day while contacting the Virginia Representatives in Washington DC about another issue that was in yesterday’s Roanoke Times. 

In the article it mentioned your staffers are women who make practically no money to work for you but they believe in being part of the process, having their voices heard and listening to others voices. The article also said your first impression by many of your own party members was as a freshman  sit down and shut up” and it turns out that instead of speaking your mind or asking questions that you may have had, your vote was uninformed. 

The day before the 2016 session began, I stopped by your GA office and we spoke briefly, I gave you my card I reminded you that I’m always available to discuss legislation, issues or even concerns you may have about Sex Offenders, the Registry and our sexual crime statutes. You had been receiving emails from me for months first as a candidate for the Virginia Senate and then as an elected-Senator so you knew who I was and what my platform was about, or should have. On that January morning you were cordial to me, recognized my name and my platform and I wished you well on the session beginning the next day. 

Then we came face-to-face in the Senate Transpiration Committee hearing on January 27th where SB666 was to be heard and you are a Committee member. 

I stood in opposition of SB666 that day, the first day it was heard in Committee but yet the Patron, the Chairman and legal counsel were discussing it as though it had already come up once before “to work out” any Constitutional issues. 

When I opposed the Bill I pointed out that Senator Black’s claim of  Rob Buswell’s (Robby’s Rule 2015) abuser (a VSP RSO) owned a Kid’s First license plate to use it as a grooming tool to “troll” for additional victims was unfounded, that a Specialty Plate is NOT a government certification that the driver is an endorsed representative, that no other group of Virginians is prohibited from obtaining an offered Specialty Plate, that no other group of Virginians is prohibited from supporting a charity organization, that  that no Legislator has proposed a ban against anyone convicted of Animal Abuse from owning a Virginia Animal Friendly Specialty Plate and that this ban would not just affect those few Registered Offenders but their spouses, parents and driving aged children who co-owned the vehicle too. 

I spoke the truth, I had facts (data from the DMV FOIA), I raised the fear-mongering flag against what Senator Black stated and I pointed out the collateral consequences and most likely Constitutional issues with SB666 as a volunteer advocate. 

What was your response in a room of 50+ people?

Roanoke Times Piece on U.S. Postal Service NOT Delivering Mail, an Issue I’ve been Raising for 7 Years with Virginia Legislators, the Administration and the State Police

Emailed to every Virginia Representative's office today

Dear Virginia Representatives in Congress and U.S Senate, 

The Roanoke Times had an editorial yesterday on an increase in USPS mail never arriving at its destination not because it was addressed incorrectly but because of incompetency, laziness and indifference by the US Postal Service. 

In case you missed it, here it is:
Casey: Mail complaints are getting Congressional attention, March 19, 2016
In 2014, 88 million pieces of missing mail ended up at the U.S. Postal Service Mail Recovery Center in Atlanta. Of those, the post office managed to deliver -- or return to the sender -- only 2.5 million pieces. The other 88.5 million were destroyed, donated or auctioned.

Non-delivery of USPS certified letters from the Virginia State Police for re-registration of Virginia’s Registered Sex Offenders has been an issue I’ve been raising to our State Legislators and Administration since late 2008. 

First let me give you some numbers directly from the Virginia State Police (I have the FOIA’s for anyone who would like to see them). 

Near the end of 2009:
    • There was approximately 16,238 Registered Sex Offenders (RSO’s) in Virginia
    • Of those 7,014 were under VSP supervision and 3,171 were under VA-DOC supervision
    • The cost of postage for one USPS certified letter was $10.04
    • The VSP spent a total of $188,360.86 just on USPS postage (not including printing and stuffing) for RSO re-registration letters, (that works out to be approximately 18,761 letters).
Near the end of 2015:
·         There was approximately 22,049 Registered Sex Offenders (RSO’s) in Virginia
·         Of those 9,278 were under VSP supervision and 3,538 were under VA-DOC supervision
·         The cost of postage for one USPS certified letter was $10.48
·         The VSP spent a total of $584,333.00 just on USPS postage (not including printing and stuffing) for RSO re-registration letters, and they mailed out 55,757 letters to those under VSP and VA-DOC supervision. 

What is a VSP re-registration letter? 

It is a VSP SP-236A form that lists an RSO’s:
·         Name
·         Mailing / Physical address
·         Sex
·         Race
·         DOB
·         FBI number
·         Registration number
·         Social Security number
·         Due Date for Re-registration          (could be a weekend or holiday)
·         Due Date for Next Photo                 (could be a weekend or holiday AND it could be a different date than  the re-registration, so a entirely separate letter and trip to the VSP Barracks is  needed) 

A Virginia Registered Sex Offender must sign and thumbprint the form confirming all information is correct.
Completely missing from the SP-236A since 2012 are:
·         All Email addresses
·         All Instant Messenger Names
·         All Chat Identifiers
·         All Phone numbers
·         All Employment information
·         All Vehicles  

Which means at re-registration when an RSO is confirming everything previously registered is still accurate in the VSP database, half of their data is MISSING on the form so they can not confirm that a typo or old data isn’t in the database and yet they are signing their name that all is well. 

Virginia’s RSO’s depending on their conviction OR if they have any failures to register have varying re-registration timeframes. Some re-register every 30 days, most every 90 days, some every 120 days and a very few are annually. This means their due date(s) never repeats, making remembering/scheduling their re-registration in time of the due date impossible. And 4 years ago the VSP just removed the “next registration date” from all of our RSO’s VSP Internet postings so they can no longer look online to see when their next letter is expected to arrive. 

Since 2008 I have contacted the Virginia Legislators, the Administration and even the VSP about the intentional non-delivery of these USPS certified letters by the postal employees many, many times.