Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Two Sides of the GOP: Solving Problems and Getting Things Done Or Simply Making Points and Picking Fights, the Latter is Sadly Becoming More Popular

I’m gonna stray off RSO issues with today’s post and I’m going to get political and many of you who follow this blog and my advocacy may not like what I'm about to say about your political party of choice. But I've been listening to SO MANY of you who have praised and defended the VA-GOP to me for the last 8 years at a distance while I've been in the trenches speaking and meeting with your District's Representative's.

Many of you have written to me about RSO laws and RSO issues while singing your support for the VA-Republican Party and your elected official's that you've never even spoken to or tried to meet with so today I'm going to take a direct AND public stand about the very same VA-GOP that so many of you continue to defend to me no matter what they say or do to condemn you and your family (because you're an RSO)........... so hold on to your hats! 

I'm always willing to listen to and consider both sides of any issue/argument ...........which is more than most VA-Republicans can say. 

This morning I read an editorial by former Virginia Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling,
What to call a do-something conservative?