Tuesday, April 5, 2016

NY Times OpEd: Teenage Sexting Is Not Child Porn By Amy Adele Hasinoff

Ms. Hasinoff’s proposal in the OpEd below is the same one I’ve been making to Virginia’s Delegates, Senators, Crime Commission and Administration for the last few years. Exempting teenagers who are close in age! But yet Virginia has failed to make ANY changes to protect teenagers who consensually sext from being prosecuted. - Mary Devoy

Teenage Sexting Is Not Child Porn, April 4, 2016
By Amy Adele Hasinoff

TEENAGERS who sext are in a precarious legal position. Though in most states teenagers who are close in age can legally have consensual sex, if they create and share sexually explicit images of themselves, they are technically producing, distributing or possessing child pornography. The laws that cover this situation, passed decades ago, were meant to apply to adults who exploited children and require those convicted under them to register as sex offenders. 

Though most prosecutors do not use these laws against consensual teenage sexters, some do. The University of New Hampshire’s Crimes Against Children Research Center estimates that 7 percent of people arrested on suspicion of child pornography production in 2009 were teenagers who shared images with peers consensually.