Friday, April 22, 2016

Virginia Governor McAuliffe Signs Order for One-Time Mass & Automatic Restoration of Rights: Effective Today "Any felon who has completed any term of incarceration and completed any period of supervised release, probation or parole, for any and all felony convictions" Can VOTE!

Attention Readers! The below news is HUGE. 

As of noon today, ANY Virginia RSO convicted of a felony who lost their voting rights who is NOT under VA-DOC Probation can NOW vote in the next election, become a notary OR sit on a jury. The “hold an elected office” portion of today’s Governors Order doesn’t apply to most RSO’s. 

If you want your firearms rights restored you’ll still have to apply and wait to be approved or denied for that. 

If you are not a registered voter you need to take this opportunity and register. 

Now when you contact your Virginia Delegate, Senator and Governor you can proudly say you aren’t just a constituent but you are a voter! 

Don’t waste this opportunity…….. Embrace it and utilize it. 

You are no longer disenfranchised, Congratulations! 

Mary Devoy


McAuliffe to sign order restoring rights to 206,000 felons, April 22, 2016
By Jim Nolan

Gov. Terry McAuliffe this morning will sign an order that effectively restores the civil rights, including the right to vote, of more than 200,000 felons in Virginia. 

The unprecedented move, expected to be announced at an 11 a.m. news conference on Capitol Square, marks a dramatic expansion of policy in restoring the right to vote, to sit on a jury, to serve in elected office or become a notary.

Today's order applies to nonviolent and violent felons - a significant departure from a policy embraced in recent years by Democrat and Republican governors to remove the societal obstacles felons face upon completing their sentences.

Action Item: Virginia Attorney General Received an AG Opinion Submission 8 Months Ago to Determine if Virginia’s 22,000+ RSO’s Can Legally Attend Church or Not……….

Recently in Virginia News……….. Delegate Dave LaRock has made it known that he’s upset Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has failed to answer an Attorney General Opinion that the Delegate submitted 7 months ago looking for a definition of “sex” in reference to sexual orientation and sexual identity. 

Delegate LaRock is so upset that his request has been ignored that he is now suing the Virginia Attorney General demanding “he do his job”.
Lawmaker files suit against Herring to compel opinion on transgender discrimination

Well Delegate LaRock’s submission isn’t the ONLY one that’s been ignored by the Virginia AG’s Office, so has one submitted for me and it’s been 8 months as of Monday.

Documentary ‘Untouchable’ Wins 2016 Tribeca Film Award and it Finds a Balance Telling the Stories of Sexual Abuse Victims and Advocates and Those Who are Mandated to Bear the Public Stigma of Sex Offender and Abide By the Ever Expanding and Punitive Laws

Lobbyist Ron Book and his daughter/advocate Lauren Book

I first posted about the premiere of the documentary Untouchable back on March 5th. 

Below is a review on the documentary, then at the very bottom is a 6 minute interview with Untouchable Director David Feige, a three other reviews AND a link to 2016 Tribeca Festival award winners which includes Untouchable. 

Mary Devoy 


Untouchable’ Questions the Unspeakable Truth, April 22, 2016
By Sidney Butler

“Untouchable” is the kind of movie that stays with you long after the credits roll and the lights come on in the theater. It’s a documentary that makes each audience member reevaluate his or her moral compass and, like a stereotypical hero on a quest, makes one question the definitions of good and evil. Premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival, “Untouchable” chronicles the enforcement of strict sex offender laws and the men and women behind and against them. Through a diversified lens, director David Feige constructs a balanced story of a controversial topic.  

The film documents top Florida lobbyist Ron Book who, after uncovering that his long time nanny sexually abused his daughter Lauren, used his political prowess to pass some of the harshest sexual offender laws in the country. The impact of these laws is far more widespread than one would think, causing thousands of criminals to forcibly abide by them.  

“Untouchable” is a truly remarkable example of three-dimensional storytelling, explaining the backstory of each subject and how Book’s laws affected their lives. Shawna Baldwin is a mother of two and has been a sexual offender for over 15 years.