Monday, April 25, 2016

Political Scapegoat Needed? Sexual Predators Always Work in a Pinch, No Matter What the Issue Is!


Schapiro: Va. Republicans risk overdoing it in rights debate, April 26, 2016

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When a Politician needs to fan the flames of hype, myth and fear to get their Constituents attention what is the never-fail, go-to group you can guarantee they’ll serve up? 

Yep! Those Rapists…Pedophiles….Child-Molesters…Child-Rapists…Child-Pornographers… Human-Traffickers….and when applicable Terrorists are always a sure-fire win. 

So what issue has Virginia Legislators drawing from the “Sexual Predator Well” in recent days? 

The fact that last Friday Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe signed an Executive Order to automatically restore the voting rights to former-felons who are NOT incarcerated AND who are no longer under VA-DOC Probation supervision approximately 180,000 to 220,000 disenfranchised Virginians.  

Before we get to the recent Virginia Political statements made let me cover some facts first: 
  1. These 180,000 to 220,000 disenfranchised Virginians did not just get released from prison yesterday they have been in our communities, working amongst us, living down the street from us, sitting next to us at church, on the city bus and at that outdoor summer concert and they have been shopping alongside us at the local grocery store and Home Depot. Perhaps you even spoke with them briefly or shared a smile.
  2. These 180,000 to 220,000 disenfranchised Virginians were under VA-DOC Probation for years, even decades until they met EVERY mandated requirement and most were relieved of Probation years ago, not yesterday.
  3. If these 180,000 to 220,000 Virginians weren’t contributing and law-abiding members of society today then they would still be under VA-DOC Probation supervision as Virginia does keep many Probationers under supervision for 20 years or even life. 
  4. If these Virginians weren’t contributing and law-abiding members of society today they’d be back in jail or prison and they wouldn’t be included in last Fridays order. 
  5. In Virginia if an Offender owes a Victim restitution (medical bills) that is written into the court-order and is one of the many requirements the Offender must fulfill while under VA-DOC Probation. For an Offender to be released from Probation they must pay all their required restitution and in fact if an Offender falls-behind  in their payments their Probation in VA is extended until they meet that requirement.
  6. Last Friday’s Executive Order is NOT the right to own a firearm, this is the right to vote in an election, a right that most states do in fact automatically reinstate but Virginia doesn’t. With that right being restored so too is the ability to be a notary and to serve on a jury, a task that most Americans avoid like the plague. And a fact that based on the below comments some Virginia Legislators have made, they’ve forgotten isn’t automatic. Potential jurors are required to answer survey questions including prior convictions, they are questioned repeatedly and a Commonwealth’s Attorney (Prosecutor) or Defense Attorney can eliminate any potential juror they don’t approve of or that has a conflict of interest, like a previously convicted rapist hearing a rape case.
  7. The last right that was restored with last Friday Executive Order to “hold an elected office” doesn’t apply to Virginians who have been convicted of rape, child-molestation, child-pornography and human trafficking because Virginia Code for elected-officials already prevents anyone listed on the Virginia State Police Registry from holding office.
But that hasn’t stopped the “Pedophile” and “Rapist” fear-mongering quotes coming from Virginia’s elected officials. 

So far I’ve taken note of these public comments made by Virginia elected-officials attempting to create an urgency of fear, danger and injustice:

I’m on Twitter ! #ItsTimetoRestoreIntergritytotheVirigniaSexOffenderRegistry

I have fought the urge to join social media for many years. 

I still refuse to join Facebook due to their blanket-ban of ALL Registered Sex Offenders with NO process to appeal the ban AND because Facebook encourages other members to report any suspected RSO’s pages so they can be shut-down immediately. 

But today I opened a Twitter account so that I can keep up with news outlets, Sex Offender therapists, Registry researchers, Victim’s Advocates and Virginia Legislators. 

I figured the 140-character limit on Twitter would keep me and others in check. 

Don’t look for me on any other social media sites, I won’t be there. Just like I’ve never taken a “Selfie” and I have no plans of taking one in the near future. 

I will not be “Tweeting” every blog post or news article, I will be using it mainly to stay current with those people/groups that I’m following. 

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