Saturday, May 14, 2016

Studies, Laws and Programs Have All Proven Residency Restrictions for RSO’s Make Society LESS Safe and Yet Legislators Keep Proposing and Expanding Them


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Despite providing the Virginia Delegates and Senators stacks of research and data against Residency Restrictions over  the last 8 years (that I’ve been an advocate) I’ve still been forced to oppose Legislation/Bills proposing expansion of  § 18.2-370.3. Virginia’s Residency Restrictions. 

Ø       2010- HB1004       Del. Athey (retired, now a Judge), Del. Albo, Sen. Vogel
Ø       2011- HB1123         Del. Oder (retired)
Ø       2015- HB1505        Del. Albo 

The below article pretty much sums up every point I’ve made to the Virginia Legislators. I’m sure some lawmaker will propose another Bill to expand in the future and I’ll have to provide them with all the facts all over again.

It’s a real shame that fear-monger, myths, hate and vengeance are how our elected officials chose to address ALL things “Sex Offender”. 

Mary Devoy 

Despite Concerns, Sex Offenders Face New Restrictions, May 6, 2016

Once out of prison, few places for sex offenders to live, May 14, 2016

By Jen Fifield

Action Item: 9 months is TOO Long for a Virginia Attorney General Opinion to Go Unanswered, it’s Time to Reform the AG Opinion Process

VA Attorney General
Mark Herring

Three weeks ago I posted about my unanswered Virginia Attorney General Opinion from August 2015 here. 

In early April Delegate Dave LaRock filed suit against the VA A.G. to get an answer to his ignored September 2015 AG Opinion submission, approximately one month later he got his answer.

AG Herring Issues Advisory Opinion to Avoid LaRock Lawsuit, May 10, 2016
I’ve been waiting for an AG Opinion since last August. 

What is the Attorney General Opinion submitted by a Virginia Senator for me? It was to answer this simple question:

Can Registered Sex Offenders attend church if there is a daycare and/or school on the property? 

The two Virginia statutes in question in this matter are:
§ 18.2-370.5. - Sex offenses prohibiting entry onto school or other property
§ 18.2-370.2. - Sex offenses prohibiting proximity to children on School and Daycare Property 

For years the Virginia State Police who is the official manager and monitor of our RSO’s won’t give me an answer to this question including as recently as September 2015.