Thursday, May 19, 2016

If You Risk Nothing, You Gain Nothing

April 13, 2016 -      Goal #22                            Hate Crime                                      
May 20, 2016      Goal #7                               Residency Restrictions                             
June 3, 2016 -        Goal #9                               Teen Sexting                                   
June 7, 2016       Goal/Question #17         RSO’s Right to Worship
June 14, 2016 –     Goal #11                             21-Day Rule /#16  Add Sexual Misdemeanors to Writs                                                  
June 29, 2016 –     Goal #8                               Automatically Remove Non-Violent RSO’s from VSP Registry on 15 year Anniversary 
July 28, 2016 –      Goal #12                             Rotating Re-Registration System based on DOB
August 10, 2016 Goal #4                              Scrap 2-Level Conviction-Based Classification System for a 3 or 4 Level Risk-Based System / Goal #14 Remove the Misdemeanor Offenses and Juveniles from the Public Virginia Sex Offender Registry
October 7, 2016      Goal #3                               3 day/30 Minute Statute verbiage needs to be Amended
October 7, 2016      Goal #                              Remove Employer Info from VSP Registry
Original Post:

I receive email’s almost everyday from RSO’s or their loved ones asking me to help them; many times they believe I’m an attorney (I’m not). 

So what do I do as a volunteer advocate working toward data-driven reform of the Virginia Sex Offender Registry since October 2008, what are my goals? 

Well I do a lot and it’s always evolving but I have a few set goals that cover much of my time so I’m going to share them here for those of you who wonder what I do. 

My first goal has always been to oppose harsher restrictions and regulations that are completely baseless. Playing defense on a platform that far too many of our elected officials exploit to build their own resume. Every year at the General Assembly in Richmond, VA I face an on-slot of punitive and questionably Unconstitutional measures and almost every year I am the only one to stand up in Sub-Committee or Full-Committee to question if there is even a need for the Bill and then to question the legitimacy of it by proving data a research in opposition. 

My second goal soon became to keep Virginia’s RSO’s updated on what their legal obligations as an RSO were  , if a Virginia statute is unclear or overly broad to get clarification from the Administration and if new proposals were working their way through the Virginia Legislature to get RSO’s and their loved ones involved in the process by contacting their District’s Delegate and Senator.