Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Virginia State Police and Virginia Administration Allow US Marshall’s to Take Over Routine RSO Residency Checks That Create Public Spectacle

…and yet again (April 28th) US Marshal’s are knocking on the doors of compliant Virginia Registered Sex Offenders (RSO), instead of the Virginia State Police who is the official monitor and manager of our RSO’s. 

The RSO’s are NOT wanted, they aren’t absconded, they aren’t under investigation for non-compliance AND worse of all they weren’t all Federally prosecuted. These are Virginians, most likely convicted in Virginia with a few out-of-state exceptions.  

Per Virginia law the Virginia State Police is obligated to do two residence checks per year for Virginia’s RSO’s. 

US Marshal’s have NO BUSINESS doing Virginia Residency checks! They should be done by the VSP Trooper or VSP Compliance Officer who is assigned to the RSO, that the RSO already knows.  

Any RSO who is Non-Compliant, Wanted or Missing/Absconded deserves US Marshal involvement, but RSO's who are simply under VSP and VA-DOC supervision, do NOT! 

For US Marshal’s to jump in and do spot checks on compliant RSO's is a waste of Federal resources and every time they do these "sweeps" they send out a media report (like the below one) to hype up the fact that RSO's are in our communities and we should fear them all.  

Virginia is NOT Federal Adam Walsh Act compliant it would cost millions of dollars (in 2012 the estimate by VSCC was $13 Mil) to only save $100,000-$250,000 (10% of Federal Byrne Grant) to be AWA certified and yet the US Marshal’s toss around the Adam Walsh Act in their press releases. 

These intimating and unnecessary displays of force by Federal US Marshal’s against Virginians who are NOT wanted or absconded keeps these citizens from ever being able to successfully become contributing members of society because their neighbors, family, co-workers and employers see such a public operation and add more distance because they are embarrassed and their fear has been re-elevated, for no justified reason. 

But who cares, they’re just Sex Offenders! 

Shame on you Virginia State Police and the Virginia Administration for allowing the US Marshal’s to commander the States duty and create more barriers for former-offenders who are just trying to successfully re-enter society and provide for their families. 

Mary Devoy 

Operation “Caretaker” – Sex Offender Compliance

Alexandria, VA - U.S. Marshal Robert Mathieson announces the results from Operation “Caretaker,” an operation targeting sex offender registry compliance in Fairfax County. The U.S. Marshals Service in partnership with the Virginia State Police (VSP) began the operation early Saturday morning.

Action Item: Eliminate Virginia’s 21-Day (to Recant) Rule AND Add Sexual Misdemeanors to Virginia’s Writs of Actual Innocence

Convicted but innocent...in Virginia too bad
It's called the 21-Day Rule

#11 of my 28 Legislative Fixes (or Goals) has always been to eliminate Virginia’s 21- Day (To Recant) Rule and #16 has always been to add sexual misdemeanor convictions to Virginia’s Writ of Actual Innocence. 

These two goals are closely related, they are both unnecessary barriers that the Virginia Legislature and Administrations have willfully ignored so that justice can NEVER be served for innocent people in the Commonwealth. 

What is Virginia’s 21-Day Rule?