Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Did You Watch the Documentary Pervert Park on PBS?

Did you get to watch the documentary Pervert Park on PBS earlier this week? 

I did and if you didn’t I highly recommend you catch it on while it’s still available until August 10th. After that you’ll have to wait for it to come out on DVD and as of today there is no known release date. 


Watch Pervert Park 53:44 -                          
Watch Filmmakers Interview 17:29 -       


November 8th 2016: Special Election for Two Virginia Senate Seats, 1st and 5th Districts

Why are there two Virginia Senate seats on the ballot during the November 8, 2016 Federal Election? 

  1. On April 5, 2016            Virginia Senator John Miller of the 1st District died.
  2. On May 3, 2016             Virginia Senator Kenneth Alexander of the 5th District was elected Mayor of Norfolk. 
The Virginia Board of Elections recently posted the candidates for the November 8th elections. 

Virginia Senate 1st District includes:
·         Hampton City (Part)
·         Newport News City (Part)
·         York County (Part)
·         Williamsburg City
·         James City County (Part)
·         Suffolk City (Part) 

Do You Know Who the Congressional Candidates in Your District Are for the November 8th 2016 Election?

First, a few quick reminders for everyone: 

There are 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives (Congress) and 100 members of the U.S. Senate. 

November 2016 is not an election year for any of the 140 State Representative seats in Virginia, or the Governor or the Attorney General but it is a year for almost all of our Federal Representatives in Washington D.C. 

Virginia has a total of 11 Congressional Districts/Seats and one of them represents you! Virginia also has 2 Senate Districts/Seats in Washington D.C. and they both represent you! 

Do you know who your Congress Member is? (Look them up; they’ll be the last one on the page).   

Members of U.S. Congress run for re-election every two years and members of the U.S. Senate run every 6 years. 


                There are two Virginia Congressional Representatives who are retiring at the end of 2016:  
1.       Robert Hurt-              R                            the 5th District of Virginia
2.      Scott Rigell-                R                             the 2nd District of Virginia 

And after the June 14th Primary Virginia Congressman J. Randy Forbes-R the 4th District of Virginia lost the GOP nominee so his 4th District seat will be filled by a new Representative. 

The remaining Virginia Congressional Representatives all running for re-election this November and they are: 

3.      Donald Beyer -          D                             the  8th District of Virginia
4.      Dave Brat -                R                              the 7th District of Virginia
5.      Barbara Comstock-  R                              the 10th District of Virginia
6.      Gerry Connolly-        D                             the 11th District of Virginia
7.       Bob Goodlatte-         R                              the 6th District of Virginia
8.      Morgan Griffith-       R                             the 9th District of Virginia
9.      Bobby Scott-              D                             the 3rd District of Virginia
10.   Robert Wittman-     R                            the 1st District of Virginia                       

Neither of Virginia’s U.S. Senators is up for reelection in 2016. Senator Tim Kaine-D doesn’t run again until 2018 and Senator Mark Warner-D doesn’t run again until 2020. 

The Virginia Board of Elections recently posted the candidates for the November 8th elections. 

The non-incumbent House candidates are: