Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Child Porn Gets Longer Sentences than Rape, Molestation - By Jessica DaSilva

In the U.S. those who view/posses Child Pornography receive longer prison sentences than those who molest, rape and/or torture the child who is in the Child Pornography (see below article). 

I agree with everything in the article below…… but I also believe there is another reason why the viewers get charged and convicted much more heavily. 

It’s because there are more Viewers/Possessors than there are Producers/Molesters and the U.S. wants to capture, convict and label the larger population.  

Where do I get that from? 

Well in the last 10 years the U.S. hasn’t taken ANY significant steps to eliminate Child Pornography on the Internet, they’ve actually commandeered some existing Child Pornography websites and then operated them calling them ‘stings’ to be able to convict more viewers. Whereas the UK in the last 3 years has taken MANY significant steps to reduce and hopefully one day eliminate all online Child Pornography. 

The U.S. isn’t interested in eliminating online Child Pornography; if they were they’d be following the UK’s lead or maybe even leading the way for the UK 

Convictions, Funding, Grants and Press releases touting Online Sexual Predators Captured is a business for Prosecutors, Judges, Politicians, DOC’s, DOC-Vendors, U.S. Marshal’s, ICAC’s, Victims Groups. 

It’s become too big; the U.S. has become dependent on it. How? We churn the viewers/possessors through the Federal and State courts, then onto prison, if ever released then into probation, court-ordered therapy, GPS monitoring, polygraphs, PPG tests, then the court-fines today include ICAC and Victim Grant funding support, Federal laws allow for Victim-Restitution……………………..and then they are dumped onto one of the 50 State Sex Offender Registries for that State to monitor and manage (most likely for life) and if the RSO makes one administrative mistake they face a new felony and are churned through the entire system all over again. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 

Mary Devoy

Child Porn Gets Longer Sentences than Rape, Molestation, July 27, 2016
By Jessica DaSilva

Discrepancies in sentencing for sexual offenses often reflect the difficulty prosecutors face in trying contact crimes versus pornography possession at both the state and federal levels, several law professors told Bloomberg BNA.