Thursday, July 28, 2016

Action Item: It’s Time to Eliminate the Virginia State Police USPS Certified Letters for Registered Sex Offender Re-Registrations and Save Half a Million Dollars Each Year

This post is Part 7 of If You Risk Nothing, You Gain Nothing…. 

#12 of my 28 Legislative Fixes (or Goals) has always been to eliminate the Virginia State Police USPS Certified Letters for Registered Sex Offender Re-Registrations which would save the State more than Half a Million Dollars EVERY year. 

Instead of the VSP printing, processing and mailing USPS certified letters to every Virginia RSO 1-4 times per year we’d move to a rotating schedule for re-registration based on the RSO’s DOB. 

In 2015 postage for Virginia State Police SO re-registration letters was $10.48 per letter, for a total of  $584,333.00 on JUST postage to mail out 55,757 USPS Certified re-registration letters to our RSO’s the cost of printing and stuffing is an unknown. 

For the last 8 years there have been numerous examples of re-registration letters never arriving at their destination (for a myriad of reasons beyond the recipient’s control) or arriving with less than 2 days to comply that I have previously posted about on this blog ( , , and/or emailed the Virginia Legislators about. Plus………. back in 2010 or 2011 the Virginia State Police arbitrarily REMOVED the next re-registration date from every RSO’s VSP online posting so RSO’s can no longer look up when to expect their next letter. Without their certified letter in-hand the VSP and local police/sheriff’s will NOT allow them to re-register. 

There are States that set the re-registration months for their RSO’s based on their date-of-birth, their last name and how often they must register. Then the RSO knows year-in-and-year-out when their re-registration is due and it never changes. 

Virginia could easily switch to a rotating re-registration system with preset re-registration dates.
  1. Those with last names beginning with A-L register from the 1st to the 15th of the month.
  2. Those with last names beginning with M-Z register from the 16th to the last day of the month.
  3. The below list would be posted on the VSP website.
  4. The below list would be handed out during VSP Residency Checks and In-Barrack Re-registrations for 6 to 9 months notifying all RSO’s that re-registration letters will stop going out and the first batch of handouts would have the start date of no more letters being mailed out.
  5. Copies of the below list would be stacked on the counter at every VSP Barracks.
  6. And the next re-registration due date for all RSO’s would be put back on every Offenders VSP On-line Posting.
  7. Some Offenders might re-register back-to back months when it first starts and some may go a bit longer than 6 or 12 months but it will all even out after the first year.