Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Shame on Richmond Times Dispatch Reporter Ali Rockett! She Used VSP Registry Information that is Immaterial to the Issue to Hype His Story While Also Shaming a Virginia Business Who Hired an RSO

Update Post 08/18/16: 

Around 12 noon
The Daily Progress removed everything Sex Offender related from the online article including the employer but the print version that went out was the full RTD article. Still it's something.

Thank you Daily Progress!


The Daily Progress reprinted the RTD article Police: Sex offender led trooper on high-speed chase in Louisa so they received the same email from me this morning.

Original Post 08/17/16:

Ms. Ali Rockett, 

I read your article online State police ID motorcyclist who led trooper on high-speed chase in Louisa as sex offender from Surry early this morning and I’ve stewed about it for 6+ hours. It was Tweeted late last night and Facebooked two hours ago by RTD. 

I know nothing about Justin Eugene Abney. I am not defending him, his past convictions or his recent actions on his motorcycle in Louisa Co. It’s good that he’s been identified so he can be held accountable for his dangerous/reckless driving.

But two parts of your article are really bothering me. 

1. What does his posting on the VSP Registry have to do with being sought for a motorcycle incident? If you were able to determine he had been convicted of an assault, robbery, drug, DUI or even murder back in 2005, would you have felt the need to include that in your recent RTD article? I am actually thinking you wouldn’t have. But because the VSP Registry is right there w/ all the details, you thought what the heck ‘Sex Offender’ in my title will catch more reader’s attention.  

His conviction in 2005 has nothing to do with the on-going issue in Louisa and including it in your piece was pure sensationalism. 

2. Why did you feel the need to post his employers information?  

Did you know that only 6 States in the entire U.S. post the employer/company name and the full address of their RSO’s online and that Virginia is one of those 6?