Thursday, October 6, 2016

Virginia's Habeas Corpus, Writs of Actual Innocence, the Number of Governor Pardons Over the Lasts 7 Years AND the Sway Commonwealth’s Attorneys have with Virginia Legislators /Legislation


4 "Absolute" Pardons for RSO’s!
20 Years After Being Bullied Into Confessing, ‘Norfolk 4’ Are Pardoned, March 21, 2017

Original Post:

On Monday October 3rd I arrived to the second-half of the Virginia State Crime Commission meeting not because of any particular issue being discussed but because I was waiting for my last meeting of 2016 with a Virginia Legislator to begin. 

I sat through VI of the agenda (see above) to the end of the meeting. 

It was decided that the new 2016 VSCC Chairman is Virginia Delegate Rob Bell (running for VA Attorney General nominee in 2017) and the new VSCC Co-Chair is Virginia Senator Mark Obenshain. 

But I found the Habeus Corpus presentation and then the two public speakers to be the most interesting. 

A Habeas Corpus challenges the due process from a past conviction, NOT the proof of innocence. 

Also in Virginia with a Habeas Corpus filing EVERY issue must be raised in the 1st filing (unlike in many other states), otherwise all preceding files will be barred, In other words Virginia law mandates a defendant show all their cards at once, no surprises. Virginia has been called a “One Habeas State” because of this rule.