Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Winchester Star Newspaper Recklessly Prints Article that Shames 4 Compliant RSO's, How Much Damage Will it Cause in Their Successful Reentry?

Dear Winchester Star, 

Why would you list “Notorious Cases” including photographs and names of Virginians who were convicted years ago? By doing this the Winchester Star has made their ability to retain housing and employment for a successful reentry back into our communities an impossible feat. 

Listing “Wanted” Registered Sex Offenders is providing a pubic service, listing compliant RSO’s is counterproductive. If they lose their rental or their job because of the publicity you made then they can not pay for their Probation Services, their Court Fees, their mandated SO therapy, their mandated polygraphs, GPS monitoring, their Victim Restitution not to mention food, clothing and housing. 

The Virginia State Police  who monitor our RSO’s and who own the data on the Registry from which you took this information does NOT randomly list compliant RSO’s on their website, their Facebook page or their Twitter account. WHY? Because it guarantees they will fail on their reentry.