Sunday, November 27, 2016

Virginia State Crime Commission Presentation - Restitution: Collection Practices and Extension of Probation (2016- HB605)

The Virginia State Crime Commission met for the second time this year back on November 10, 2016, I did not attend this meeting which means I missed the open discussion, questions, additional action items and any idea of which direction (pro or con) that each  presentation  ended on. And since Virginia does not live stream or video record ANY open meetings or even our General Assembly Committee’s.... citizens can not go back to review what was discussed and who appeared to be in favor or opposed what was discussed. 

One of the November 10th presentations that has the PowerPoint online which I found very interesting is Restitution: Collection Practices and Extension of Probation (HB 605) w/ 66 slides. 

This Restitution presentation has a lot of very interesting information. Including court data, facts about our current process, all the current issues (like not being allowed to pay w/ a debit or a credit card), the current amount of restitution in VA being paid and the amount that's delinquent, all the VA Departments / Groups that play a role in our current process, the current penalties for non-payment, what other States do to collect restitution, a recent VA Supreme Court issuance that takes effect this coming February and the 14 VSCC proposals for reform. 

One method listed under “other States collection of restitution” in the presentation is Kiosk machines. I have been proposing Sex Offender Re-Registration Kiosk machines at all VSP locations and local sheriff/police stations for a while.