Monday, December 5, 2016

Ask Your Virginia Delegate and Senator to Sponsor “Smart” Sex Offender Legislation in 2017!

The 2017 Virginia General Assembly begins in 5 weeks in Richmond Virginia. 

Did you know that “Sex Offender” Bills were the #1, #2 and #3 most requested Bills (Legislation) for 10 out of the last 11 GA sessions? 

Have you asked your Virginia Delegate and Virginia Senator to sponsor a “Smart” Sex Offender Bill for the upcoming session? 

Not sure of what to ask them for?  

Try one of these:
  1. Action Item from April 13, 2016 -   Goal #22: Hate Crime                     
  2. Action Item from May 20, 2016 -   Goal #7: Residency Restrictions      
  3. Action Item from June 3, 2016 -     Goal #9: Teen Sexting                     
  4. Action Item from June 7, 2016 –    Goal/Question #17: RSO’s Right to Worship  
  5. Action Item from June 14, 2016 – Goal #11: 21-Day Rule AND Goal #16: Add Sexual Misdemeanors to Writs                                    
  6. Action Item from June 29, 2016 – Goal #8: Automatically Remove Non-Violent RSO’s from VSP Registry on 15th  year Anniversary   
  7. Action Item from July 28, 2016 –  Goal #12: Move to Rotating Re-Registration System based on RSO’s DOB                                                    
  8. Action Item from August 10, 2016 – Goal #4: Scrap the 2-Level Conviction-Based Classification System for a 3 or 4 Level Risk-Based System AND Goal #14: Remove the Misdemeanor Offenses and Juveniles from the Public Virginia Sex Offender Registry
  9. Action Item from October 7, 2016 – Goal #3: Verbiage in the “3 day” and “30 Minute” Statute needs to be Amended                                     
  10. Action Item from October 7, 2016 – Goal #1: Remove Employer Info from VSP Registry

Ask your one Virginia Delegate and your one Virginia Senator to sponsor one or two of these pieces of legislation (which ever ones you feel the most strongly about) at the upcoming January 2017 General Assembly session. 

Ask Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to find a sponsor and/or support any of these pieces of legislation at the January 2017 General Assembly session. 

Ask the Virginia ACLU to step up to prevent the yearly slew of “feel good” laws against Virginia’s RSO that are based on zero facts.......... and for them to protect the rights and the Constitution when Virginia Legislators are targeting RSO’s for no reason other than anger, hate or political gain. 

Thank you! 

Mary Davye Devoy

6 Years Ago Today I Wrote a Piece Explaining Why I Advocate for Reform of the Virginia Sex Offender Registry and Laws

6 years ago Today I wrote a Piece Explaining Why I Advocate for Reform of the Virginia Sex Offender Registry that was printed in the Virginian Pilot.  Sex Offender Registry: The Result of Legislative Predator Hysteria, December 5, 2010: 

It’s not the only piece I’ve written, that’s been written about me or that I’ve been quoted in over the last 8 years of advocacy but I do believe it captures just how broad and how punitive Virginia laws and our VSP Registry has become from it’s original intent. If it could happen to us, it could happen to anyone and I don’t want that to happen.