Sunday, January 22, 2017

HB2065-Mullin Proposes Adding “Surprise” to Virginia’s Sexual Battery Statute. Is this Because Donald Trump Says He Grabs Women by the “P___y”?

Virginia Bill HB2065-Sexual battery; surprise; penalty Sponsored/ Patroned by Michael P. Mullin (by request) which is a Class 1 Misdemeanor (and Registrable as a Sex Offender for minimum of 15 years if done to a minor) proposes adding……may be accomplished by “surprise”. 

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The obligatory $50,000 

The only thing I can think is the impetus for this Bill is.....Donald Trump. 

When Trump said he "grabs women by the p____y" and then he denied that such an action would count as Sexual Assault or Sexual Battery meaning it would be a crime.

Well in Virginia if you grab a boob or pinch a butt EVEN over clothing that IS Sexual Battery, so I would think "grabbing a p____y" or on the flip-side grabbing a "d__k" would already be Sexual Battery. 

So I'm not sure if we really need to add "surprise" to this statute. 

Back in 2012 Senator Stuart had SB20 which proposed adding may be accomplished by “ruse” and “trickery” to our Rape statute and that failed, thankfully. 

The more nouns & verbs that we add to our criminal statutes to expand the options for victims and Prosecutors actually makes us less safe and our criminal justice system, less just. 

This Bill while timely is totally unnecessary. 

Mary Devoy