Friday, January 20, 2017

It’s Interesting How Virginia Legislators Think Defendants Have Access to Justice in the Commonwealth….Then They Become a Defendant and They Get a Dose of Reality

When the tables turn and the same injustice that has been happening for decades to thousands of others......happens to someone who has the ability to fix it, then all of a sudden a solution is proposed. 

In 2007, we personally experienced "Trial by Ambush" in Hanover County, VA.....with ZERO Discovery available to us but yet we were faced with a Plea Deal and if we didn't take the deal then the unknown Discovery would head to a Grand Jury. 

Virginia's well known "Trial by Ambush" (no requirement to provide Discovery to Defendants) has been willfully ignored by the Virginia Legislature FOREVER. 

In 2014 a lengthy study by an independent Committee was released that strongly supported reform. Nothing happened. 

But now that a Virginia Delegate has personally experienced Virginia's extremely unjust no-Discovery rule (,,,,,,, ) here we have a Bill by that specific Delegate proposing a fix for 2017. 

It's about time HB2452 was proposed in Virginia, but the irony and hypocrisy that comes with it is almost too much for me.  

Mary Devoy