Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January 3, 2017 Marks the End of the 114th U.S. Congress, So All Pending Bills Die and the 115th Congress Begins

115th U.S. House
115th U.S. Senate

The U.S. Congress works in two-year legislative sessions tied to the elections.
The most recent session was the 114th Congress and it began on Jan 6, 2015. All bills (12,000+) not enacted by the end of the session on Jan 3, 2017 (today) die, and Congress will start over as the 115th . 

So I have just deleted all the GovTrack Widgets for the Bills from the 114th Congress that I’ve been monitoring on the right side of the Home page. 

I have left the categories/headers and as new Bills post for the 115th Congress that are related to this platform I will add them to the right side of the Home page so for a while the categories may just be lined up with no Bills listed. 

Plus I updated the Virginia Representatives in Washington, D.C. page. The Commonwealth of Virginia has 3 new Representatives in Congress out of the 11 seats, as of today. It appears that the three newly elected Representatives don’t have official (.gov) websites yet; I’ll add links to their sites on that page at a later time.