Friday, March 31, 2017

How Much has Virginia Spent on Managing and Monitoring Their Registered Sex Offenders From 2005 to 2016? $63.2 Million

As long time readers/followers know I’ve been submitting FOIA requests to the Virginia State Police for the last 8 years to track growth, classifications, categories of RSO’s and costs of the VSP Registry. The majority of my VSP FOIA requests are denied under Virginia’s ridiculous FOIA rules but one FOIA I know I’ll always get an answer on is the annual costs for the State Police to monitor and manage our RSO’s. 

I have to pay a fee ($44.98 for the 2016 numbers) for the VSP to pull the data I’ve asked for, but it’s worth it in my opinion. 

So in 2016 the cost of the USPS certified letter went down to $10.06 per letter but there was a 5% increase in the number of letters that went out in 2016. All-in-all the VSP is claiming a 2.01% drop in costs for 2016 from 2015’s numbers. 

But for the first time I decided to tally the total spent by the VSP over the last 11 years and that comes to $63,279,920.79 ….Wow! 

And remember approximately 40% of the entire RSO population are actually “under VSP supervision”. Approximately 20% is incarcerated and the other 40% are officially under VA-DOC Probation supervision but yet the VSP mails their letters out and takes their re-registrations and data updates. So 60% of the RSO population is costing the VA-DOC millions of dollars per year too.
What a waste of resources and money when this population has a 3-12% recidivism rate. 

Mary Devoy