Monday, March 6, 2017

Verizon is Eliminating Their Email Service and “Migrating” Those Accounts to AOL, for Virginia’s RSO’s That Don’t Know or Act Fast Enough This Could Amount to a Felony

In less than 10 hours a VA RSO who checks this site regularly and who email’s me learned their Verizon email will be transferring to AOL. They advised me that they have NOT heard one word about this switch from Verizon. Now they are keeping an eye on their account and looking for email’s about the switch so they can try to comply with VA law.

Their email address may not change or stop working at first but at some point down the line AOL is going to want their name in the email addresses of their users to say AOL, not Verizon.

Original Post:
Just 30 minutes ago I walked into my living room and heard the end of a Richmond NBC12 news story that not only caught my attention but immediately made me consider the possible arbitrary felonies that may follow soon in Virginia via the Virginia State Police (VSP). 

The news story (which is NOT posted on NBC12 as of right now) is that Verizon is discontinuing its email service and those accounts will be “migrated” to AOL accounts. It seems this has been news for a week now, but tonight’s story was the very first I had heard of it. 

After a Google search I found an article with some details here

So what’s the issue? 

Per § 9.1-903. Virginia’s 22,000+ Registered Sex Offenders (RSO) have ONLY 30 minutes to register in-person (there is no phone or electronic system) ANY change (additions or deletions) with their email. And as a side note the Virginia State Police Barracks are not open evenings, weekends or holidays. 

So per tonight’s news I’ve learned Verizon is going to delete existing email addresses and it sounds as though new AOL addresses may be created all behind the scenes without any involvement of the person who owned the Verizon account.  

Now I check email daily but there are MANY people who do not. They might check it weekly or it could be monthly. But for RSO’s in Virginia if an email address has been deleted by Verizon and created by AOL without any action (at a VSP location) by the person who is attached to the account they could be facing a new felony. First an investigation, then charges and an arrest, then bail (if they can come up with it), possible loss of employment, hiring an attorney, and then a court date. All because Verizon is eliminating email service and they’ve handed it over to AOL. 

So tonight I emailed all 140 Virginia Legislators and the Administration notifying them of this issue and asking that the Virginia State Police to allow a reasonable grace period for any previously registered Verizon email accounts that will soon be deleted and possibly migrated into AOL accounts. 

No RSO in Virginia should face charges or arrest for changes that are occurring without their knowledge or their involvement especially when Virginia has the unreasonable “30-minute window” that I have attempted to correct 3 times in the last 9 years (2011-HB1628 , 2012-HB416 and 2016-SB243). 

When it comes to Registered Sex Offender laws, restrictions, regulations and mandates there should be a required intent to commit a crime not just an arbitrary misstep for an administrative act or a change in law that is retroactively applied by the VSP that the RSO had no knowledge of ahead of time. Otherwise it’s an intentional trap being set or allowed by those in authority, not a true violation of the law by the RSO. 

But, that’s not how the VSP views these issues. 

I hope I don’t learn of any RSO’s being investigated because of this Verizon to AOL change but if I do you can be sure I’ll be contacting every VA Legislator and the Administration about it. 

Mary Devoy