Monday, April 10, 2017

Legislative Goal #5 for a Smarter Sex Offender Registry in Virginia –Determine if the Violent Registered Sex Offenders Can OR Can NOT worship in Virginia and if they CAN’T, Add an Exemption to Virginia Code for Places of Worship

Today’s Goal is #5, Determine if the Violent Registered Sex Offenders Can OR Can NOT worship in Virginia…..AND if they CAN’T, Add an exemption to Virginia Code for “Places of Worship”. 

If you agree with this goal please ask your one Virginia Delegate and one Senator to Patron/Sponsor a Bill at the next Virginia General Assembly session in January 2018.  Our VA GA. sessions begin the second Wednesday of every January so you should make your request somewhere between May and early-November.  

You could make your request via email, via phone or even schedule a meeting with your Delegate and Senator to discuss the issues that concern you as their constituent and then propose a Bill or two at that meeting.  

If they decline to Patron/Sponsor the Bill, ask them why.
If their concerns can be addressed, address it. If not let them know you’ll be in a touch again in a month or 2, then pick a different goal and ask them to sponsor that new proposal and if they decline, again ask them why 

If their concerns can be addressed, address it. 

If not (they may say I just don’t want to patron that), then select another goal and ask them again in 2+ months to sponsor that Bill, persistence pays off!  

Even if they don’t agree to be a Sponsor they will know:
  1. If they give you a legitimate reason not to Sponsor you will return with facts and data to alleviate those concerns.
  2. If they don’t give a legitimate reason not to Sponsor a Bill you are willing to point out empirical evidence should be the reason laws are proposed not emotion, myth and hate.
  3. That you will continue to return to them asking for Sponsorship as a constituent in their District.
  4. That you are a registered voter (hopefully) and these issues are very important to you and your family members (also voters, hopefully) and so every November they are up for reelection you and your family will be making your selection based on a candidates willingness to listen to reason and data.
You are their constituent, you are a tax-payer and hopefully a voter, they must listen to your concerns and proposals. If you aren’t sure how to address their reason/denial to sponsor a particular Bill that came from my Legislative Goals list, email me at with:
  1. The # of Goal you requested
  2. Which VA Legislator you asked
  3. The reason they gave you not to sponsor the Bill
If I can help you find a solution to deliver to your Delegate or Senator, I will. 

Mary Devoy

Goal #5:

Determine if the Violent Registered Sex Offenders (83% of the current VSP Registry) Can OR Can NOT worship in Virginia if there is a daycare and/or school on the property of the house of worship. 

The two Virginia Statutes in question are:
·         § 18.2-370.5. - Sex offenses prohibiting entry onto school or other property
·         § 18.2-370.2. - Sex offenses prohibiting proximity to children on School and Daycare Property 

I have been trying to get a straight answer to this inquiry for years, to no avail.
-         Post from April 22, 2016                
-         Post/Action Item from May 25, 2016
-         Action Item from June 7, 2016      

Step One - Get the Virginia Attorney Generals Office to answer an AG Opinion on this matter. An AG Opinion can be submitted by elected public officials including any VA Delegate or Senator, by the VA Governor or the VA Secretary of Public Safety to list a few. 

If the AG Opinion rules that Violent RSO’s are NOT committing a crime by attending church, church-sponsored activities, a wedding, a funeral, their child’s baptism or other activities like AA meetings, parenting classes or marriage counseling on church property then we’re done. 

If the AG Opinion rules that a crime IS being committed by being on church property because of a daycare and or school then a fix needs to be made. 

Step Two - Ask your one Virginia Delegate and one Senator to Patron/Sponsor a Bill that adds an exemption for all places of worship (churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, meeting houses, etc) should be added to both § 18.2-370.5. and § 18.2-370.2. 

No Virginians Freedom to Worship should be denied (or be a crime) in the Commonwealth!