Monday, April 3, 2017

Restoring Integrity to Virginia Sex Offender Registry April 2017 Dos and Don’t Brochure

This past weekend I updated and ordered a new Restoring Integrity to Virginia SO Registry Dos and Don’ts brochure (see below) since the last version was from January 2015. This 2017 version is wider, so I was able to add more restrictions and regulations than the original had. 

For the full list of RSO laws in Virginia visit the VA Legal Restrictions and Regulations page. 

Blogger doesn’t allow me to post PDF’s, just images so that’s why the brochure is an image and not as clear as a PDF would be. 

I can email this brochure to anyone who is interested just send a request to  I can also mail brochure to anyone who doesn’t have Internet access but to receive the request they need to know someone with email to contact me. I’m sorry I closed the advocacy PO Box address years ago and I have no plans to ever open another, I had to cut costs somewhere.  

Mary Devoy