Saturday, June 17, 2017

Action Item! An Unexpected $1.9 Million for Clean up of Virginia State Police Malware Attack Should be Wake Call to Modernize VSP SO Registry and Registration Processes

This article is from Thursday and I hadn’t planned on posting it since I had twice tweeted it.


FYI, since publishing the article title has been changed to Tough choices for DMV - raise fees, shift money, or make cuts? 

So in summary because of the malware attack on the Virginia State Police website back in April, an unexpected $1.9 Million has been spent AND the VSP “network will have to be completely rebuilt”. 

I’ve made proposals over the last few years to both VSP Leadership and Virginia Legislators to not only modernize the VSP registration process for Virginia’s 22,000+ Registered Sex Offenders but how to cut half-a-million-dollars per year from the annual $8.2 Million cost of VSP Registry operation, registration, monitoring and management. 

Here are the proposals I’ve made to improve/streamline the VSP Registry:
Ø       Legislative Goal #2 - VA Code v. Hours of Operation for RSO’s to Comply are at Odds
Ø       Legislative Goal #3 - Implement a 4 Tier/Level Risk-Based Classification System
Ø       Legislative Goal #8 - Eliminate the USPS Certified letters for VSP Re-Registration and Implement a Repeating/Rotating Schedule
Ø       Legislative Goal #9 - Modernize the Virginia State Police Registration Process and Track/Share the Data that the VSP gathers every year 

Please contact your one Virginia Delegate and you one Senator THIS week and ask them to sponsor one or more of these proposals as legislation (a Bill) for the 2018 Virginia General Assembly session.

Thank you. 

Mary Davye Devoy