Saturday, July 15, 2017

List of Candidates for Virginia House Elections on November 7, 2017

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The Virginia Department of Elections has posted the Candidate List for the 100 Virginia House seats that are up for reelection on November 7, 2017 and the deadline to register to vote in November is October 16, 2017. 

Virginia House Candidates:

Virginia Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General Candidates:




Do you know what District you reside in?  

To find our what District you live in just enter your home address at this link,  it will tell you your VA House District #, who is your current State Delegate, plus you Senate District #, your current State Senator (not up for re-reelection until 2019) as well as your one Congress member (re-election in 2018).  

I encourage everyone to email or call your Virginia Delegate if they are running for re-election.  

Introduce yourself and ask them about reforming the VSP Registry and Virginia laws. If they aren’t running for reelection, contact the candidate(s) that are running in your District and introduce yourself and suggest some reforms that could be accomplished through legislation during the annual General Assembly session. You are their constituent plus a tax payer and your opinion and experience matters. If you are a registered voter, let them know that.  

Be a participant instead of a bystander in the laws that are proposed and passed in the Commonwealth.   

Get out and vote on November 7th and if you can’t take the opportunity to educate your family and friends on the candidates in their Districts!     

Don’t vote just because of a political party, vote for the candidate that represents you and the change you want to see! 

Mary Davye Devoy
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