Sunday, July 23, 2017

Norfolk Virginia’s Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters Bans RSO Visitors Who are NOT Parents and for RSO Parents a Uniformed/Armed Escort is Required at all Times

* A clarification from the RSO parent who alerted me of this CHKD policy today:
·      The security escort for the RSO is required only to and from the patient’s room. 
·      You (the RSO) cannot leave the room for any reason.
·      You (the RSO) must call security for an escort to the restroom (if there isn’t one in the room), to go to the cafeteria, chapel, store or to go outside/leave.
·      It can take 30 to 45 minutes for them to arrive at the room, so call early. 

Original Post:

I’ve just learned that being a Registered Sex Offender in Virginia with a sick child who needs specialized hospitalization is another humiliating and punitive road to walk. 

I sent this email early today: 

Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters, 

I just checked the CHKD website for a visitation policy and found nothing. 

The reason I was looking because I've just learned that CHKD bans anyone listed on the Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry from visiting patients unless they are the parent of the patient.

So that means no grandparents, uncles, aunts, siblings or cousins can visit.  

I was also advised any parent who is listed on the VSP SO Registry MUST be escorted (by either security guards or armed police) everywhere they go including their own child's room AND they are NOT permitted to stay overnight with their sick child like most parents. 

            1. I would like to know if this information is true.
            2. If so, how long has it been CHKD's policy?
            3. Is the policy in writing anywhere? If so please send me a copy?
            4. Why is there no visitation policy section on the CHKD website?
            5. AND why does nothing come up when I search the website for the term sex offender?
            6. What is CHKD's policy when a patient (a juvenile) is listed on the Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry? Are they too escorted/watched constantly by an armed guard?  

Please advise. 
Mary Davye Devoy

So I began to wonder about the other Children’s Hospitals in the Commonwealth. 
There are 3 additional Children’s hospitals in Virginia they are:
·        Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU
·        UVA Children’s Hospital
·        Inova Children’s Hospital 
Of these 3 websites only Inova's site has a page for visiting patients where it states that all visitors must register with security to obtain a visitors badge, but no mention of any policies for RSO parents or patients. 
Why am I posting about this?
Because when your child, grandchild, step-child or sibling is so sick they need to be hospitalized the level of stress and panic is already so high that I don’t want any of you to then come face-to-face with hospital security announcing you are a Registered Sex Offender and either mandating you have a security escort follow you everywhere within the hospital OR worse telling you, you are not permitted in the hospital at all. I know that many of you (especially the female RSO’s) are single parents or are grandparents raising their grandchildren. 
You know you are an RSO, but having that become a public spectacle OR to prevent you from being with your sick child as other parents and guardians are permitted to do is just cruel and I at least wanted to make these policies known for those of you who may encounter them in the future. 
Do Virginia’s Children’s hospitals check if a visitor has committed or attempted murder? No.
Do Virginia’s Children’s hospitals check if a visitor has committed child abuse? No.
Do Virginia’s Children’s hospitals check if a visitor has committed domestic abuse? No.
Do Virginia’s Children’s hospitals check if a visitor has committed assault/battery? No.
Do Virginia’s Children’s hospitals check if a visitor has committed a drug offense? No.
Do Virginia’s Children’s hospitals check if a visitor has committed a gun offense? No. 
....and the list goes on.
Why? Because there is no public Registry for anything other than Sex Offenses for the Hospital security desks to check. 
And yet the recidivism rate for these other crimes (except murder) is 2, 3, 4 and 5 times that of sex offenses. 
This Children’s Hospital policy is based on zero facts, just like the majority of laws that have been passed by the Virginia Legislature directed at RSO’s under the guise of public safety. 

Being an RSO is supposed to be an administrative act, not a punitive one otherwise it’s unconstitutional.

Banning relatives who are listed on the VSP Registry from visiting a sick or perhaps dying child, is punitive.

Mandating a uniformed/armed guard follow the parent of a sick or perhaps dying child everywhere within the hospital for everyone to stare at, is punitive.

Mary Davye Devoy