Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Restoring Integrity to Virginia Sex Offender Registry Blog Turned 4 Years Old with More than 278,299 Page Views!

I completely missed the 4th anniversary of this blog a week and a half ago back on July 1st. 

Four years ago I began this blog with a post that summarized my first 5 years of advocacy in Virginia. 

  1. In the first year (July 1, 2013 to June 30 2014 - 259 posts) this blogs page-views totaled 30,500.
  • For an average of 2,541 views per month.
  1. In the second year (July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015- 269 posts) the blogs page-views totaled 92,036. For 61,536 additional page views in those 12 months.
  • For an average of  5,128 views per month 
  1. In the third year (July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016 - 266 posts) the blogs page-views reached 177,069. For 85,033 additional page views in the last 12 months.
  • For an average of  7,086 views per month 
  1. And now from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017 (137 posts) the total blog page-views reached 278,299. That’s 101,230 new views in the last 12 months.
  • For an average of  8,435 views per month 

I’m so pleased with the growth of visitors in the last 4 years. Not only RSO’s and their loved ones  from across the U.S. visit this website but State and Federal Legislators, Victims Advocates, Researchers, Therapists, members of the media and students follow my posts, pages and email me  looking for answers and data. 

Every year the blog visits have increased and that tells me this site is considered a reliable go-to for the latest information on these issues. 

In just the first 10 days of July 2017 there have been an additional 3,100 page views which is an increase from last July so the public interest continues even though the number of posts I’ve done in the last year have dropped significantly, it’s because I “tweet” now. 

Over the last 9 years I’ve learned a lot being the lone voice of reason in rooms filled with emotion, vengeance, false information and even hate. I had to start over when the participation of the 501c4 didn’t work out and I faced a lot of disappointment, failure and even undeserved attacks by elected officials. But I have never given up.  I’ve taken time to reevaluate my goals, the barriers that exist and new tactics to achieve those goals. 

I would not take on a fight that I don’t believe will end with a win.  

Reform will happen here in Virginia but it will take time and it should take time. Laws that are rushed through without thorough consideration are always riddled with unintended consequences and collateral damage, that’s what happened with the creation of Americas Sex Offender Registries 20+ years ago. 

It’s been a hard 9 years but I’m not complaining because the goal of reforming Virginia laws and the Virginia Sex Offender Registry to reflect 20+ years of research and proven policies instead of knee-jerk emotion is so much bigger than me and it’s bigger than the underserved shame my family bears. 

I’ve heard your stories, I know the barriers and the abuses that VA’s RSO’s and their loved-ones face every day in the Commonwealth and I know the stress of complying with the ever changing rules and regulations under the threat of felony that the VSP proved at this years GA session are purposefully not shared with those who need to be aware of the change in law.  

It’s wrong.  

It’s cruel.  

It’s not administrative, it’s 100% punitive.  

Much of it is unconstitutional. 

And…………..NONE of it is data-driven and the data that does exist has concluded these laws and the stigma does more harm than good and those in authority continue to willfully ignore it. 

I may not be the best spokesperson and I’m learning everyday as I go but until the ACLU of Virginia finally finds the courage (and the time) to stand up for Registered Sex Offenders and their loved ones rights, I will carry the flag because Virginia deserves a Smarter Registry. 

Thank you all for following this blog, my advocacy and taking action when Action Items are posted.
Mary Davye Devoy