Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Virginia Deserves a Smarter Sex Offender Registry: 12 Legislative Steps to Get Us There

Legislative Goal #1 -
Remove the Employer/Company Name AND the Street Address from the Online VSP Sex Offender Registry 

Legislative Goal #2 -
VA Code v. VSP Hours of Operation for RSO’s to Comply is at Odds

Legislative Goal #3 -
Implement a 4 Tier/Level Risk-Based Classification System 

Legislative Goal #4 –
Move Misdemeanor/Non-Violent & Juveniles RSO’s to a Private Registry AND Automatically Remove Them Both After a Reasonable Time-frame of Perfect Compliance 

Legislative Goal #5 –
Determine if the Violent Registered Sex Offenders Can OR Can NOT worship in Virginia and if they CAN’T, Add an Exemption to Virginia Code for Places of Worship 

Legislative Goal #6 –
Repeal Virginia’s Myth-Based, Hate-Driven Residency Restriction Statute 

Legislative Goal #7 –
Establish a Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB)

Legislative Goal #8 –
Eliminate the USPS Certified letters for VSP Re-Registration and Implement a Repeating/Rotating Schedule

Legislative Goal #9 –
Modernize the Virginia State Police Registration Process and Track/Share the Data that the VSP gathers every year 

Legislative Goal #10 –
Discern Teen-to-Teen Image Creation and Sharing (Sexting) in VA Code from REAL Child Pornography 

Legislative Goal #11 –
Repeal OR Amend Virginia’s 21-Day (to Recant) Rule 

Legislative Goal #12 –
Add Sexual Misdemeanor Convictions to Virginia’s Writs of Actual Innocence