Monday, September 11, 2017

In Virginia if an Emergency is Declared, Registered Sex Offenders Will NOT be banned from Emergency Shelters

September 10, 2018 Update:

I’ve seen a spike in views of this post this week so I’m adding an update.

All 4 Bills from the 2018 Virginia General Assembly that were amended to allow Virginia Emergency Shelters (fire, flood, tornado, earthquake or hurricane) to deny entry to All Registered Sex Offenders (even juveniles, elderly and Non-Violent) failed to become law. Here are old posts about those Bills:
March 10, 2018 , March 6, 2018 , February 23, 2018 , February 18, 2018 , February 11, 2018 , February 8, 2018 , February 7, 2018 , January 22, 2018 , January 16, 2018 , December 20, 2017 , November 30, 2017

Virginia RSO's are still allowed to evacuate to an Emergency Shelter as a temporary residence and there is no action the RSO must take per law. But any RSO under VADOC supervision (Probationer) does have to abide by their individual rules.



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Original Post:

What if parts of Virginia were under a Hurricane Warning or Severe Flooding?

What if a Tornado or an Earthquake hit and people needed to stay in local shelters?

These natural disasters are all possibilities in Virginia.

What if you’re a Registered Sex Offender?

In the last few days we’ve heard and read about how badly Florida has handled sheltering Registered Sex Offenders amid Hurricane Irma.

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Back on July 7, 2015 I emailed Virginia Deputy Secretary of Public Safety, Tonya Chapman and asked her at the request of a mother would Virginia Registered Sex Offenders (Non-Violent and Violent) be allowed or would they be banned from Virginia Emergency Shelters whether they are on or off school property.

This was the answer I received:
When an emergency is declared by the Governor to open a state shelter, a Virginia Registered Sex Offender would be admitted to the shelter the same as any other person needing shelter during a declared emergency event.

I have retained this 2015 email if the issue ever arises in Virginia.

So, for Virginians who have been wondering or worried about this particular situation, you need not worry.

Mary Davye Devoy