Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Nextdoor.com Doesn’t Just Block Registered Sex Offenders from Joining Their Website, but ANYONE Who Lives at the Same Address as the RSO


Received this email at 1:24PM today
Original Post:
Richmond CBS6 ran a story this morning on stolen vehicles and neighbors who used Nextdoor.com to discuss/locate a vehicle.

One of my neighbors mentioned a similar website months ago to me so this morning I thought why not join to be in the loop?

So I entered my home address, then my name and I selected a password.

Instead of gaining access to the site for my neighborhood I saw this:


Address Problem
We’re sorry. An issue with your address is blocking your ability to join Nextdoor.

…and I was instructed to email them at accountaccess@nextdoor.com so I did. I have not yet received a reply to my email but I started to have a weird suspicion on why MY address would be an issue. So I started to read Nextdoor.com’s FAQ’s , Privacy Policy and Member Agreement.

And there is was:

Because my address is listed on the Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry I am not permitted to join Nextdoor.com. Not, because I’m listed on the VSP SO Registry, but because my home is.

That’s right, I am now guilty-by-association and so I am not allowed the same rights or access as everyone else.

This isn’t the first time either. Back
in 2016 it was the Virginia Legislature and Governor McAuliffe directing the VADMV to never allow me to display a specialty license plate that supports children’s organization on MY vehicle if my vehicle is co-owned with a VSP RSO. I could bump my spouse off the vehicle registration but since we live in a Commonwealth, we put both our names on everything and why should I have to boot him just to support an organization of my choice on the vehicle I drive?

The U.S. Sex Offender Registries are not allowed to be punitive, they must remain administrative otherwise they are unconstitutional. Not only have private and public entities made the label of RSO a punitive measure for those listed, but the trickle down to their spouses, parents, siblings, children, roommates, landlords and employers continues to expand every day, every week and every month.

I’m sure each Nextdoor.com member can block neighbors they don’t want to communicate with just like on Facebook and Twitter.

How is a blanket-ban by Nextdoor.com against me from communicating with my neighbors in the home that we’ve lived in for 18 years because of my husband’s 10 year old conviction, not punitive?

I am always professional, respectful and open minded when it comes to these issues and proposed reforms but there are some days that the hate, the segregation, the vengeance and the ignorance really pushes me to the edge. Blanket-bans for RSO's and especially bans that sweep up people that live w/ the RSO protect no one, they are a tool of control and containment based on zero facts.
So......... Nextdoor.com, F__k you!

Mary Davye Devoy