Tuesday, October 17, 2017

50 States: Juvenile Registration as Sex Offenders - Public, Private or Not at All? Revised List as of October 17, 2017

10/23/17 Update: 

After 5 hours of additional research I determined a few States that I originally had noted as having Private Registries but per Impact Justice did not, actually do have them. 

The below list of 50 States has been revised to reflect this confirmed information. 



Original Post:
Impact Justice / National Juvenile Justice Network have had a 50 State Juvenile Registration Snapshot that I was intending to compare to my 3-4-year-old 50 State Juvenile List but I just had never gotten around to it, plus I had seen a few errors about Virginia in the Snapshot, I was in no hurry to update my old list. 

But then I was asked by Impact Justice last week to review the VA information in their current Snap Shot as they are planning on an update in the near future. I was very happy to assist them in getting the VA information corrected. 

So today I had the time to compare the data from the 49 other States and Washington D.C. to update my own chart that had taken me weeks to fill out and even then, I was missing New Mexico, New York, North Dakota and Oregon, boy did my chart need updating.  

I have my chart as a handout that I’ve previously shared with Virginia Legislators showing them that many SORNA compliant States don’t require juveniles to register as Sex Offenders, that many SORNA States have private (not on the Internet) Registries, automatically remove juveniles after a reasonable time-frame or allow a petition for removal, all options that Virginia does NOT have for our juveniles. I have this handout when I’m proposing Legislative Goal #4. 

Instead we place them on a public Registry, label them Violent and keep them there until they move out-of-state or until they die. 

Below is my latest 50 State List (not the full chart) which I feel is extremely accurate but I will double check the information when Impact Justice publishes their revised Snapshot in the future. 

Mary Devoy 

50 States: Juvenile Registration as a Sex Offender
State has No Registration for Juveniles:
  1. Alaska
  2. Connecticut
  3. Georgia
  4. Hawaii
  5. Kentucky
  6. Maine
  7. Nebraska
  8. Nevada*
  9. New Mexico
  10. New York
  11. Pennsylvania*
  12. Tennessee*
  13. West Virginia
  14. Wyoming*
  15. District of Columbia
State has Private (Authority Only) Registry:
  1. Alabama*                        for some Juveniles
  2. Arizona                            for Tier/Level 1 AND some Juveniles
  3. Arkansas                          for Tier/Level 1 AND 2’s AND some Juveniles
  4. California                         for some Juveniles       (New law passed in Autumn 2017, this may change)             
  5. Colorado*                   for some Juveniles
  6. Delaware                    for Tier/Level 1
  7. Idaho                               for Juveniles
  8. Kansas*                           for some Juveniles
  9. Maryland*                  for Juveniles
  10. Massachusetts                for Tier/Level 1 AND some Juveniles
  11. Michigan*                   for Juveniles
  12. Minnesota                       for Tier/Level 1 AND 2’s AND for Juveniles
  13. Missouri*                   for some Juveniles
  14. Nevada*                     for Tier/Level 0 AND 1’s
  15. New Hampshire              for Tier/Level 1 AND Juveniles
  16. New Jersey                      for Tier/Level 1 AND 2’s AND some Juveniles
  17. New York                    for Tier/Level 1
  18. North Carolina                for Juveniles
  19. Oklahoma*                    for Juveniles
  20. Oregon                             for some Juveniles
  21. Rhode Island                   for Tier/Level 1 AND Juveniles
  22. Washington                     for Tier/Level 1 AND some Juveniles
  23. Wisconsin                        for Tier/Level 1 AND 2’s AND some Juveniles
+ Vermont doesn’t have a private registry, they place juveniles on public SO Registry, when they turn 18 years old. 

State has Automatic Removal from Registry for Juveniles:
  1. New Hampshire              at age 17 OR 21 years old
  2. Idaho                                at age 21
  3. Missouri*                        at age 21                           (for some)
  4. Oklahoma *                     at age 21
  5. Arizona                            at age 25
  6. Maryland*                       at 5 years
  7. Alabama*                        at 10 years 

State allows a Court Petition for Removal from Registry for Juveniles:
  1. Kansas*                      at age 18 OR at 5 years
  2. North Carolina                at age 18
  3. Arkansas                          at age 21 OR at 10 years
  4. Missouri*                      at 2 OR 10 years             (for some)
  5. Utah                                 at 5 years
  6. Texas                                at 10 years OR end of jurisdiction, whichever comes first
  7. Illinois                              at 10 years                       (for some)
  8. Indiana                            at 10 years                       (for some)
  9. Iowa                                 at 10 years
  10. Minnesota                       at 10 years                       (for some)
  11. Oregon                             at 10 years                       (for some)
  12. Vermont                          at 10 years                       (for some)
  13. Washington                     at 10 OR 15 years            (for some)
  14. Colorado*                        at 10 OR 20 years           (for some)
  15. Ohio*                               at 10 OR 20 years           (for some)
  16. Michigan*                   at 10 OR 25 years
  17. Montana                           at 10 OR 25 years
  18. South Dakota*                at 10 OR 25 years           (for some)
  19. Rhode Island                   maximum 15 years
  20. New Jersey                      at 15 years
  21. Wisconsin                        at 15 years                        (for some)
  22. Delaware                          at 15 OR 25 years           (for some)
  23. Louisiana*                  at 15 OR 25 years           (for some)
  24. North Dakota                  at 15 OR 25 years           (for some)
  25. Massachusetts                maximum 20 years
  26. Mississippi*                at 25 years 

State mandates Lifetime Registration with No Opportunity for Removal for Juveniles:
  1. California           (New law passed in Autumn 2017, will change this)    
  2. Florida*          
  3. South Carolina*
  4. Virginia* 
- * Notes that State is Certified Federal Adam Walsh Act AWA/SORNA compliant by the SMART Office, as of September 2017
- The (for some), is because that State also has Lifetime registration for some juveniles