Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Myth and the Propaganda of Halloween and Registered Sex Offenders 10 Years of Articles and Research

Halloween is 3.5 weeks away which means news outlets everywhere will begin to run stories and write articles on Halloween Safety and Registered Sex Offenders. 

In a week or so I’ll post the Virginia RSO’s Do’s and Don’ts for Halloween that I have posted almost every year for the last 9 Halloweens. Just a reminder the only Don’ts in Virginia are for those RSO’s who are under VADOC Probation supervision. 

As for today’s post it’s a list of links to past articles and studies (oldest to newest) on the subject of Halloween and Registered Sex Offenders not being an actual danger. 

If any new articles are written this year or reports are released I’ll add them to this page. 

Mary Davye Devoy

I-  Past posts of articles on Halloween, the impending danger and Registered Sex Offenders:
II- Studies on Halloween and Registered Sex Offenders: