Monday, February 6, 2017

Action Item: HB1485 on Virginia House Floor Calendar Today (February 6) for Second Reading, Uncontested Calendar – Ask for Floor Amendment!


On February 7, 2017 HB1485 was listed in the House Floor Calendar under “Regular Calendar, Third Reading”, no longer as “Uncontested” on page 68. 

The first half of the “Regular Calendar, Third Reading” Bills were discussed a bit by members then the second half were simply voted on, that’s what happened to HB1485 yesterday. No discussion, no debate, just a forward vote. 

The video of yesterday House session is now available online as an archive, before this year watching a floor video after it occurred was not an option . Advancing through the video isn’t as easy as it should be but I found HB1485 at 1:18:30 of the video for anyone who is interested. 

The vote yesterday for HB1485 to pass out of the Virginia House was 95-1. 

YEAS--Adams, Aird, Albo, Anderson, Austin, Bagby, Bell, John J., Bell, Richard P., Bell, Robert B., Bloxom, Boysko, Bulova, Byron, Campbell, Carr, Cline, Cole, Collins, Cox, Davis, Dudenhefer, Edmunds, Farrell, Filler-Corn, Fowler, Freitas, Garrett, Gilbert, Greason, Habeeb, Hayes, Head, Helsel, Heretick, Herring, Hester, Hodges, Holcomb, Hope, Hugo, Ingram, James, Jones, Keam, Kilgore, Knight, Kory, Krizek, Landes, LaRock, Leftwich, LeMunyon, Levine, Lindsey, Lingamfelter, Lopez, Loupassi, Marshall, D.W., Marshall, R.G., Massie, McQuinn, Miller, Minchew, Miyares, Morris, Mullin, Murphy, O'Bannon, O'Quinn, Orrock, Peace, Pillion, Plum, Pogge, Poindexter, Price, Ransone, Robinson, Rush, Sickles, Simon, Stolle, Sullivan, Torian, Tyler, Villanueva, Ward, Ware, Watts, Webert, Wilt, Wright, Yancey, Yost, Mr. Speaker--95.  



NOT VOTING--Fariss, Morefield, Toscano--3 

It now heads to the Virginia Senate Courts for Justice Committee and I will be there to ask for the same two amendments that I asked that Committee to add to the Senate version. 

Mary Devoy

Original Post:

Back on Wednesday February 1st HB1485 was a last-minute/same-day addition to the House Criminal Su-Committee. Both the House Criminal Sub-Committee on February 1 and the Full House Courts Committee on February 3rd failed to add the grandfather-clause that the Virginia Senate had added to the Companion Bill before it died.   

The Virginia House held a floor session on Saturday February 4th (because tomorrows Cross-Over Day) even though I looked for a Floor calendar that very morning and could not find but now it’s posted online , a bit late for citizens who are following Bills. 

So today’s House Floor Calendar has HB1485 listed as Second Reading, Uncontested Calendar . 

If a Virginia Delegate doesn’t ask for it to be removed from the Uncontested Calendar and a floor amendment (grand-father clause) to be added then it will be sent to the Virginia Senate late this week as-is, which means some current RSO’s homes would become felonies this July if the Senate fails to amend it in the next 2 weeks. 

Let's NOT wait for the VA Senate to take action, ask the House to fix this Bill TODAY!

Those of you have previously taken action on this proposal, thank you so much and I hope you will do again so today. Those of you who haven’t because this Bill doesn’t affect you our your loved one needs to seriously consider that if THIS retroactive application becomes law on July 1st 2017 then Virginia Legislators are going to feel empowered to broaden this law again and again. And when those proposals are made in 2018 or 2019 your old conviction or your loved-ones old conviction COULD be included and that future Bill could make your home a felony will you care then? The point is, you should care now.