Thursday, April 13, 2017

Legislative Goal #6 for a Smarter Sex Offender Registry in Virginia – Repeal Virginia’s Myth-Based, Hate-Driven Residency Restriction Statute § 18.2-370.3.

Today’s Goal is #6, Repeal Virginia’s myth-based, hate-driven Residency Restriction Statute. 

If you agree with this goal please ask your one Virginia Delegate and one Senator to Patron/Sponsor a Bill at the next Virginia General Assembly session in January 2018.  Our VA GA. sessions begin the second Wednesday of every January so you should make your request somewhere between May and early-November.  

You could make your request via email, via phone or even schedule a meeting with your Delegate and Senator to discuss the issues that concern you as their constituent and then propose a Bill or two at that meeting.  

If they decline to Patron/Sponsor the Bill, ask them why 

If their concerns can be addressed, address it. If not let them know you’ll be in a touch again in a month or 2, then pick a different goal and ask them to sponsor that new proposal and if they decline, again ask them why.