Tuesday, June 6, 2017

May 2017, 50 States Per Capita for Registered Sex Offenders. Oregon Remains at #1, Illinois Jumped Up 14 Spots to #26, Ohio Plummeted 21 Spots to #47 and Virginia Sits at #23, Tied with Idaho.

As I posted yesterday the NCMEC May 2017 Map is online. 

I have now updated my Per Capita Chart that I originally created during the 2016 Virginia General Assembly session per the request of a Virginia Delegate. 

NCMEC gives the 100,000 per capita numbers but that really doesn’t mean much to most folks, they need something a bit more tangible. So I took the idea from my Virginia State Police Registry Growth chart where I calculate 1 out of every Adult Male in the State. 

Now, not every Registered Sex Offender is a Male, in Virginia approximately 5% of the VSP Registry is female. 

Also not every Registered Sex Offender is an adult; there are juveniles in many States who are Registered Sex Offenders. Plus there are States with Private Registries and NCMEC doesn’t note anywhere on their map if their RSO count includes juveniles or private registries. Also NCMEC claims their Registered Sex Offender count does NOT include incarcerated Registered Sex Offenders, but when you compare their count for Virginia and the Virginia State Polices count they are very close which means NCMEC”s count for VA IS including incarcerated RSO’s.  

So this Per Capita Chart (see below) for May 2017 is as good as the NCMEC data. 

Here are the most notable changes and similarities within the newest versus last Decembers per capita chart: