Thursday, June 15, 2017

Virginia June 13th Primary Results + Filed List of Candidates for Governor, Attorney General and 100 House Seats for November 7 2017 Election

It’s an election year in Virginia, for:
·        Governor
·        Lieutenant Governor
·        Attorney General
·        All 100 VA House seats
·        Many (but not all) Counties/Cities (see county/city charter for election years)
Ø      Commonwealth’s Attorney (Prosecutor)
Ø      City Council
Ø      Board of Supervisors
Ø      Sherriff
Ø      Commissioner of the Revenue
Ø      Treasurer 

But not for:
·        All 40 VA Senate seats
·        All 13 Federal U.S. Congressional seats
·        Both Federal U.S. Senate seats 

The legislation that Virginia’s 100 Delegates propose and vote on and that the Governor signs, amends or vetos plays a much larger part in your life than what is going on in Washington, D.C. 

Virginia’s House (every 2 years), Senate (every 4 years) and Governor (every 4 years) races are extremely important!