Monday, June 19, 2017

U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Sex Offender Social Media Ban - Packingham v. North Carolina

The 2nd US Supreme Court ruling that I’ve been waiting on for 2017 has been decided and it’s a great decision and the RIGHT decision!
But keep in mind, Face book is a private provider and they currently have a policy that bans ALL RSO’s. It doesn’t matter if the conviction was a misdemeanor or a felony or if it was 2 months ago or 20 years ago.

Facebook is legally allowed to prohibit service to who they select, just like Six Flags or YMCA’s ban ALL RSO’s.
So even with this U.S. Supreme Court decision remember in Virginia all nicknames and aliases plus all email addresses of RSO’s must be registered with the Virginia  State Police (or face a felony) and then the VSP-IT Department sends those names and addresses to Facebook and if Facebook finds a match they close the account. If that Facebook account was owned by a VA RSO who is under VA-DOC Probation supervision that RSO will face a Probation violation (a felony) if social media or Internet access was prohibited.